Ann Maddox Claims Tom Sandoval’s Comments Could Jeopardize Her Career and Reacts to Legal Threat, Plus If She Was Fired, and Live Viewing Thread

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Ann Maddox Claims Tom Sandoval's Comments Could Jeopardize Her Career and Reacts to Legal Threat, Plus If She Was Fired, and Live Viewing Thread

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Tom Sandoval‘s former assistant, Ann Maddox, claims she warned him about locking Mya in Ariana Madix‘s room before the dog was hospitalized for eating her leftovers.

During a recent episode of her shared podcast with co-host Amanda Lifford, Ann looked back on the messy situation between the former couple as she also revealed how Sandoval, 41, jeopardized her career, reacted to his recent legal threat, and shared if she was formally fired by the Vanderpump Rules star.

“I do specifically remember telling Tom, ‘This is serious. Don’t forget to shut the door. Because I know Ariana doesn’t want the cat and Mya going in there. And something happening. So, like, don’t forget to shut the door,’” Ann recalled on the April 3 episode of We Signed an NDA podcast, per Heavy.

While Ann noted that Sandoval may not have known Mya was inside, Amanda said it was reckless of Sandoval to suggest Ann may have been the responsible party, signaling to her gig as a part-time pet sitter.

“For him to be kind of saying that — that could affect your livelihood,” she stated.

“Why do you got to take me down with you?” Ann agreed. “That could potentially affect me getting a job here and there.”

After then admitting that she expressed interest in working for Ariana, 38, because she felt it would be a “more happy, peaceful work environment that leaned toward [her] interests,” Ann said that working for Sandoval fueled symptoms of her c-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder).

After Scandoval broke everything was really intense. I felt like I was walking on eggshells. And things weren’t good for my boss, mentally, emotionally,” she said, adding that she had no health or dental insurance while employed by Sandoval.

Regarding Sandoval’s legal threat, which aired on last week’s Vanderpump Rules: After Show in response to Ann’s podcast, Ann and Amanda shared a clip of Jax Taylor, 44, asking if “she signed an NDA” on their podcast’s official Instagram page. After Jax asked what they talked about on the podcast, they shared a snippet of Ann speaking of her appreciation for the films Sister Act, Ghost, and Crocodile Dundee.

“Thanks for the shout-out,” read their caption.

During another appearance, on the Breaking the Rules Pod, via TikTok, Ann clarified how her employment with Sandoval came to an end.

“I was never formally fired,” she shared. “Ariana, as we know, saw me bawling in the kitchen, he told me to go home, we know that because he said it in an interview. The day after that all happened, I got a text saying, ‘You don’t have to come in.’ He just needs some time. And I texted back, ‘Okay.’ And that is the last time we talked.”

Looking back, Ann said she would’ve appreciated a heads-up about Sandoval hiring a new assistant.

“What would’ve been nice, what would’ve been thoughtful was when you replaced me with another employee, you let me know that it’s time for me to find another job,” she stated.

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