PHOTOS: Meet Rachel Leviss’ New Boyfriend Matthew Dunn, as Source Shares Details of Vanderpump Rules Alum’s Relationship With Single Dad and Entrepreneur

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PHOTOS: Meet Rachel Leviss' New Boyfriend Matthew Dunn, as Source Shares Details of Vanderpump Rules Alum's Relationship With Single Dad and Entrepreneur

Credit: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock, Facebook

Rachel “Raquel” Leviss has a new man in her life.

Just over a year after she was caught having a sordid affair with Tom Sandoval, 41, behind the back of her close friend, Ariana Madix, 38, the 29-year-old Vanderpump Rules star has been spending time with single dad and entrepreneur Matthew Dunn.

Matthew’s identity was uncovered on April 29 by Taste of Reality, which noted that Matthew had shared a group photo that included Rachel on April 15 and thanked friends for making “connections.”

“We rode over the mountains and through the woods but grandma’s house could not be found. However, we did rally the side by sides and swam at a waterfall!” he wrote.

Then, after Rachel left a comment that said, “What an incredible experience,” he agreed it was “so much fun,” along with a kissing emoji.

Matthew also shared a photo of himself and Rachel on his Facebook page and made the image his profile pic. However, after Taste of Reality’s article was shared, both of his accounts were seemingly deleted.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss and Matthew Dunn Photos

Photo: Matthew Dunn/Instagram and Facebook via Taste of Reality

According to the report, Matthew has a young daughter named Denny and used to run a car dealership in Spokane, Washington.

Bravo Snark Side on Instagram also shared a photo of Rachel and Matthew on their page, proclaiming, “Rachel has a new man!”

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss and Rumored Boyfriend Matthew Dunn

ET Online is also confirming Rachel and Matthew are indeed dating with a source telling the outlet: “Rachel is seeing investment CEO Matthew Dunn. The two met through friends and have been enjoying their time together.”

Rachel’s publicist, however, tells the outlet that while Rachel and Matthew are dating, the relationship is still somewhat new.

Matthew Dunn is currently dating Rachel Leviss

Matthew was also seen in a May 2022 clip shared by a happiness and wellness page on Instagram, which described him as a “[seven]-figure business owner.”

“He’s managed this for [eight] consecutive years and is on the way to building an [eight]-figure company. He is passionate about helping others find personal power through awareness, total ownership, and truth,” the page explained.

In the video, Matthew offered a “quick tip.”

“If you wanna do more, be more, achieve more, focus on activity over outcomes,” he advised. “And it’s not so much as adding in new activities as it is removing the activity. A lot of you, as great and as talented as you are, have some activity and some behavior in your life that is catastrophically impacting you in a very bad way. The most successful people in the world have figured out how to do less of what you are doing. Think on that.”

The page also shared Matthew’s philosophy, which is, “If you gain enough clarity, you can set yourself free.”

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