Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Slams Ex Kathryn Dennis, Accuses Her of Skipping Mother’s Day Visit After She Claimed “Parental Alienation”

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Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Slams Ex Kathryn Dennis' "Deceits and Lies" After She Skips Mother's Day Visit and Accuses Him of "Parental Alienation"

Credit: Bravo, Instagram

Southern Charm alum Thomas Ravenel took to his X account, formerly known as Twitter, earlier this week to clap back at a post Kathryn Dennis shared on her Instagram Story in which she accused her ex-boyfriend of “parental alienation.”

After Kathryn, 32, encouraged her fans and followers to learn more about “parental alienation,” providing them a link to do so, Thomas, 61, accused Kathryn of lying to their children, including daughter Kensington, 10, and son Saint Julien, 8, and skipping out on a Mother’s Day visit.

“If you’re struggling with parental alienation, LISTEN TO THIS!!!” Kathryn encouraged her online audience in her post, as seen in a screenshot shared by Bravo Snark Side on Instagram.

Meanwhile, in response, Thomas shaded Kathryn over her “typical” behavior as he also targeted her delusional antics.

“Typical [Kathryn Dennis] who had every opportunity to see her kids on Mother’s Day but didn’t and then chose to blame it on me. This is her IG story. Her delusions and deceits and lies to her own kids never cease to shock me,” he wrote.

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Shades Kathryn After She Accuses Him of Parental Alienation

Since Thomas won full custody of Kensington and Saint Julien last year, he’s accused Kathryn of failing to be involved in their children’s lives on a number of occasions.

In September of last year, after a fan on social media asked Thomas how Kathryn was, and if she’d seen their kids, he said he wished she would be present before stating, “She hasn’t seen them in 11 weeks.”

Months later, as Kathryn was accused of a hit and run, Thomas wondered why his former girlfriend hadn’t yet been arrested for her alleged crime and explained why she wasn’t seeing Kensington and Saint Julien.

“She can’t see them without a paid supervisor and she refuses to pay one therefore she NEVER sees them,” he revealed.

Also at that time, he slammed Kathryn as “the worst person in the world.”

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