Katie Maloney Claps Back at Lala Kent Claiming She Didn’t Know ‘Something About Her’ Was Open, Plus Lala Shares If She’d Visit

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Katie Maloney Claps Back at Lala Kent Claiming She Didn't Know 'Something About Her' Was Open, Plus Lala Shares If She'd Visit

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Katie Maloney reacted to Lala Kent acting like she didn’t know Something About Her was open in a comment shared on Instagram.

Over a week after Katie, 37, and Ariana Madix, 38, officially opened their sandwich shop, their Vanderpump Rules co-star appeared on Amazon Live, where she was asked by a fan if she’d visit the venue now that it’s opened.

“Oh my gosh, it’s open? I love that for them,” Lala, 33, replied, via Reality Ops on Instagram.

She then suggested that while she may not make it into the West Hollywood venue, she’d definitely order some sandwiches to her new home in the Valley if Something About Her turns up on a food delivery service.

“I don’t really go into West Hollywood that much. It’s kind of a trek. I don’t really leave my house that much. If I’m in the area … The sandwiches slap,” she stated. “By the way, the moment they’re on Postmates or Grubhub, I will be Something About-ing Her on the reg.”

While Lala spoke highly about the menu items at Katie and Ariana’s sandwich shop, Katie didn’t appreciate her suggestion that she wasn’t aware of the restaurant’s opening and weighed in with a comment to Reality Ops’ post.

“I mean.. Jess for sure watched my stories so she knew.. guess they don’t talk that much,” Katie sarcastically wrote, signaling to Lala’s assistant, Jessica Walter.

“Lol, I love a toasty Katie response,” replied Reality Ops.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney Reacts to Lala Suggesting She Didn't Know Something About Her Was Open

As Pump Rules fans will recall, Lala and Katie suffered a falling out amid production on season 11 and feuded further at the season’s reunion, where Lala called out Katie for failing to share her true feelings about Ariana on camera.

“I think we were at odds because, from my point of view, she was not very honest this season and I don’t recognize that Katie,” Lala stated on an After Show last month. “The reason why she and I really freaking connect is because we are no bullsh*t. You may not like what comes out of our mouths, it may be harsh or aggressive, but this is what it is.”

Meanwhile, on the same After Show, Katie suggested Lala exaggerated her statements and clarified that she was never really upset with Ariana.

“I don’t fake the funk here. Like, I can’t do that sh*t. If I’m not genuinely upset with somebody at that time, in the moment, I’m not going to get myself upset with them. It’s not gonna happen,” she stated.