Vanderpump Rules’ Billie Lee Fires Back at Tom Sandoval’s Girlfriend Victoria, Says She’s “So Desperate” and Clarifies Claim About Victoria Moving Ariana’s Stuff

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Vanderpump Rules' Billie Lee Fires Back at Tom's Girlfriend Victoria, Says She's "So Desperate" and Cannot Hold a Job or a Conversation, and Clarifies Comment About Victoria Moving Ariana’s Stuff

Credit: Instagram

Billie Lee fired back at Tom Sandoval‘s girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, on her Instagram Story after seeing that Victoria had accused her of using her to stay relevant after she shaded her on a recent podcast.

In a post shared on Thursday, Billie refuted Victoria’s suggestion that she was targeting her for relevance as she called out the model for her alleged drug use, claimed Tom hired an assistant to get her out of bed and make her productive, and clarified her claim about Victoria moving Ariana Madix‘s stuff out of the home she co-owns with Tom.

“Relevant? For one, she’s using text on a Story because we don’t want to see video of her literally slurring her words. That’s what it’s like when you have a conversation with that girl. And staying relevant? Girl, you’re so desperate you’re dating Tom Sandoval. Like, what? Like when’s the last time you worked?” she asked, as seen in a Reel shared by Bravo Snark Side on Instagram. “Tom wanted me to help get her an assistant because I hired him two and I’m like, ‘What does she do? She sleeps all day and parties all night.’ That girl hasn’t worked in years. I think she got like one small little gig and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, Victoria’s finally working.’ The girl barely works. She cannot hold a job. She can barely hold a conversation. So what does she mean by relevant? Sweetie, I’m on tour.”

Continuing on, Billie said that when it came to Tom’s efforts in getting Victoria an assistant, he did so not because she was overloaded with work, but because she needed more opportunities.

“He told me, he’s like, ‘I want to get an assistant because I feel like it’d encourage her to get up, get out of bed, and basically do something with her life.’ Like, he wanted to get her an assistant not because she’s busy but like to help keep her on track, and to pull her out of bed, and basically make her be productive,” she revealed. “That’s what the assistant was for. Clearly, that didn’t work out.”

As for her claim that Victoria moved Ariana’s belongings, Billie set the record straight, noting that Victoria wasn’t the one who actually moved Ariana’s stuff, but she was the one who told her boyfriend and his assistant to hire someone to do it.

“She had Tom and Josh hire someone, movers, to come move all of Ariana’s stuff. So she’s right. She didn’t physically do anything — for sure. But it was her decision,” Billie stated. “And to be fair, yeah, if there’s like a big-a** f*cking painting of my man and his ex-girlfriend in the house, cover that sh*t up. Take it down. I 100% agree with that. But girl, don’t be going and moving all of someone’s stuff when they own half of the f*cking house. Let them come and do it themselves.”

As Pump Rules fans may have heard, Billie blasted Victoria for her alleged use of drugs and “toxic” relationship habits while explaining why she and Tom are no longer friends.