Leva Bonaparte Speaks Out Amid Kyle Cooke Cheating Rumors, Explains Video of Him and Another Woman as Amanda Reacts to Support Following Depression Confession at Summer House Reunion

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Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte Shares "Actual Facts" About Kyle Cooke's Visit to Lamar's, Explains Video of Him and Another Woman as Amanda Reacts to Support Following Depression Confession at Summer House Reunion

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Leva Bonaparte is speaking out in defense of Kyle Cooke after he was accused of getting cozy with a woman who was not his wife, Amanda Batula, during a recent visit to her Charleston bar, Lamar’s.

After a video of Kyle, 41, and the unnamed woman began circulating online, prompting reports of a second infidelity on the part of the Summer House cast member, Southern Charm‘s Leva, 45, confirmed the “facts” of the situation as she weighed in on the “very damaging” rumors.

“I was present for this entire interaction and evening. And I can’t stand by and watch the internet go after someone’s marriage when it’s based on zero facts,” Leva began in a message sent to FaceReality16, via Queens of Bravo on Instagram, proceeding to share the “actual facts.”

According to Leva, Joe Bradley, 28, texted her about bringing Kyle to Lamar’s to see their new space.

“There are many accounts claiming he was drunk, which is a lie,” she confirmed.

Looking back on the night in question, Leva said she showed Kyle around her venue and had lengthy discussions with him, as did her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, 47.

“In the video, he is speaking to a woman who is a good friend of mine and also happens to be a decade old friend of Kyle’s. Let me also mention that this girl friend of ours is in a very committed relationship and she came by my club to meet me for a drink, before we went home together,” Leva shared, noting that the woman, who did not want to be named, spoke to Kyle for a “maximum of five minutes” before they left.

Southern Charm Leva Bonaparte Denies Kyle Cooke Cheating Rumors

Continuing on, Leva wrote, “Kyle and our friend were simply catching up on life since she now has a family and has established herself in her profession. Kyle was congratulating her, this was purely a friendly interaction!”

Leva went on to say she was “disappointed” by the “very damaging” rumors and found Amanda, 32, to be a “lovely person.”

“I would hate for anyone to try to hurt her. Especially since she was not present for a simple innocent conversation that her spouse was having,” she added.

Summer House Leva Bonaparte Slams Damaging Rumors About kyle Cooke

Leva’s statements came on the heels of FaceReality16 sharing the clip below:

In other Summer House news, Amanda took to her Instagram page on Thursday night to share a couple of heartfelt messages with her fans and followers after opening up about her depression struggles on part two of the season eight reunion.

“For some of us, simply existing is hard for what feels like no real reason. It can be very frustrating, defeating, and overwhelming … If you are struggling in any way, talk to someone. You may feel lost and alone now, but I promise you are not and you are loved. Asking for help is the hardest yet easiest part — you got this,” Amanda wrote in her June 13 post.

Then, in her caption, Amanda, who admitted she was on the road to becoming very depressed before getting medicated last summer, added, “Posting to the grid because I am currently SOBBING at all of your beautiful messages and feel others would benefit from seeing them as well.”

“Love you guys,” she concluded.

Summer House Amanda Batula Opens Up About Depression After Summer House Reunion

No word yet on a ninth season of Summer House.