PHOTO: Lindsay Hubbard Shares Pic of Her New Man as Summer House Star Calls Him “Baby Daddy” and Reveals Date She Learned She Was Pregnant

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PHOTO: Lindsay Hubbard Shares First Pic of Her New Man as Summer House Star Calls Him "Baby Daddy" and Reveals Date She Learned She Was Pregnant

Credit: Instagram

Lindsay Hubbard took to her Instagram page on Monday to share a photo of herself and her new boyfriend at a wedding.

As her mystery man’s identity remains a secret at his request, the 37-year-old Summer House star shared a slideshow of photos taken over the past several months. She also shared the date she learned she was expecting her first child and admitted it was tough to keep her baby news to herself.

“[Four] weddings, 2 magazine cover shoots, 1 [Watch What Happens Live appearance], 1 reunion taping, a sandwich shop opening, 1 Kleinfeld launch event, and a magazine party … most all in my first trimester, and all before I announced,” Lindsay revealed in the caption of the July 8 post. “Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically).”

Lindsay went on to reveal that she learned she was expecting on April 6 while attending a wedding in Mexico.

In the days that followed Lindsay participated in a couple of magazine shoots, one with Glamour magazine and another with Spotlight magazine.

Then, on April 20, Lindsay and her boyfriend attended a wedding together in Portugal, which was also attended by Lindsay’s ex-fiance, Carl Radke, 39, who had called off their own wedding just months prior.

“Baby daddy was there to help,” Lindsay explained.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard and New Boyfriend Attend Wedding

Lindsay went on to say that after appearing on WWHL at the end of April, she filmed the Summer House season eight reunion while pregnant and attended the opening of Ariana Madix, 38, and Katie Maloney‘s Something About Her sandwich shop the following month.

Since then, Lindsay hasn’t slowed down. Instead, she’s attended two more weddings, participated in an event at Kleinfeld Bridal, and attended the cover party for her Spotlight magazine issue.

Over the weekend, while speaking to PEOPLE about her mystery man, Lindsay explained she was keeping his name a secret due to his “high-powered job” in the biotech industry, although she did confirm he is a doctor.

“He’s a private person, mostly because of his high-powered job,” Lindsay shared. “Obviously, I’m a very public [person] and share pretty much every aspect of my life with the world, so I know it’s weird. But I need to respect his privacy here.”

Summer House season nine is currently in production.