Lindsay Hubbard Shares Why She’s Hiding Boyfriend’s Identity and Talks Auctioning Off Wedding Dress, Plus Reacts to Danielle’s Exit From Summer House

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Lindsay Hubbard Shares Why She's Hiding Boyfriend's Identity and Talks Auctioning Off Wedding Dress, Plus Reacts to Danielle's Exit From Summer House

Lindsay Hubbard is explaining why she has not yet publicly confirmed her new boyfriend’s identity.

Before reacting to Danielle Olivera‘s recent departure from the full-time cast of Summer House, Lindsay, 37, opened up about her secret romance with her mystery man, admitting that when it comes to keeping him away from the public eye, she’s been impacted by her past relationship and split from ex-fiance Carl Radke, 39.

“When we started dating, I really wanted to maintain our privacy for as long as possible,” Lindsay told E! News on June 21. “We needed to see how we felt about each other without the whole world chiming in with their opinions or [judgments]. The only thing that truly matters is how we feel about each other at the end of the day and I needed space and time to figure that out for myself.”

In addition to wanting to give their relationship time to grow without the interference of the public, Lindsay admitted she’s still getting over Carl’s sudden cancellation of their November 2023 wedding.

“[I’ve] learned from my past mistakes in being too public with every step of my relationships,” Lindsay continued. “And after my last relationship ended in such a humiliating and very public way, I’m not exactly dying to open my current relationship up to the world just yet. He’s never seen Summer House and probably never will, and I love that about him. It’s an even playing field with us … He is an incredible man. We have a very sweet, caring and loving relationship that I truly cherish.”

Although Lindsay isn’t ready to go public with her new man, that isn’t to say she doesn’t have high hopes for their future. But that said, she’s in no rush to tie the knot.

“I got rid of any and all timelines considering all of my past timelines have blown up in my face,” she shared. “I’m really just enjoying my relationship as it naturally progresses and I’m not putting any pressure on next steps until it feels right for the both of us. I hope it eventually does lead to a serious future with him, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.”

“I’ve learned that the universe has its own plan for me, so I’m just letting the universe guide where it wants me to go,” she added.

Also during the interview, Lindsay spoke of her decision to auction off her three wedding dresses on to benefit The Chick Mission, which offers assistance to female cancer patients, including those who’ve experienced fertility challenges after treatment.

“I knew I wanted to work with a charity on taking them off my hands, and it felt important to me to turn an unfortunate situation into a positive outcome,” she shared. “Donating the proceeds of the dress sales to a charity that is important to me feels like a true win at the end. Kleinfeld will be matching the money raised from my dresses. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better outcome.”

In other Summer House news, Lindsay recently reacted to Danielle’s exit from the show, which she announced earlier this week on Instagram.

“We love you Dani girl,” Lindsay said on her Instagram Story, along with a photo of her former castmate.

Lindsay Hubbard Reacts to Danielle Olivera's Summer House Exit

In her statement to her fans and followers on Instagram on Monday, Danielle, 35, confirmed she would not be seen in a full-time capacity on the upcoming ninth season of the Bravo reality show.

“Hello my sweet loves, I wanted to share that I’ve come to the heartbreaking decision to not return as a full time cast member on the upcoming season of Summer House,” she began. “Obviously this decision didn’t come without a tremendous amount of thought. Ultimately, I just need to trust my gut. If I can’t put 100% of myself into filming, genuinely and authentically, it really doesn’t feel right doing it in a full time capacity. The network, production, my cast, and especially all of you deserve that.”

“Right now I need to protect and prioritize things that matter most to me – my company, my people, and of course myself,” Danielle added.

Summer House season nine is expected to go into production in the coming weeks.