Luann de Lesseps Accuses Bethenny of “Using” Daughter Bryn to Stage Their Reunion, Says She’s “Hurt” & Still Blocked as Bethenny Addresses Their Run-In

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
RHONY's Luann de Lesseps Accuses Bethenny of "Using" Daughter Bryn to Stage Insincere Reunion, Confirms She's Still Blocked and "Hurt"

Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images, Janet Mayer/Startraksphoto

Luann de Lesseps is speaking out against Bethenny Frankel following their friendly reunion over the weekend at a party in the Hamptons.

After the former Real Housewives of New York City co-stars were seen in social media videos and photos, one of which featured Luann, 59, with Bryn Casey Hoppy, the 14-year-old daughter of Bethenny, 53, Luann is claiming that her encounter with Bethenny “wasn’t a genuine reconnection,” even though she was initially “really happy” to see her.

“After watching Bethenny’s video and still being blocked by her on social media, I realize she just used her daughter to get to me,” Luann told Us Weekly on July 8. “To watch the video, it hurt my feelings.”

Following Luann and Bethenny’s reunion on Saturday, Bethenny posted a video of Luann and Bryn.

“I guess life is actually a cabaret!” she declared in the clip.

Bethenny then returned to TikTok on Sunday, where she spoke of the time she spent with Luann, stating that Bryn was the motivating factor in their conversation.

“So I see Luann [at the event] and Bryn gets all devious. My friend Mark is like, ‘Just say something.’ Why not, right? And it is also a good example for Bryn. We have to be good examples,” Bethenny explained. “I basically said, ‘Congratulations’ and Bryn is there which is great because she bridged my relationship with my mom.”

In addition to speaking with Bethenny, Luann also shared a sweet moment with Bryn.

“Luann hugged Bryn. We had to do it on social media because if it didn’t happen there then it didn’t happen anywhere,” Bethenny revealed. “That was nice and clean. She texted me and [wrote], ‘We are like some discombobulated family.’ So that was pleasant and fun.”

As RHONY fans will recall, Luann and Bethenny feuded on the show for years, but they made amends in 2019 before having another falling out in 2023 as Luann refused to back Bethenny’s unionization effort.

“Why bite the hand that feeds you?” Luann asked at one of her cabaret shows in December 2023. “You know, just go off into the sunset. You [Bethenny] make millions and gazillions of dollars. If you claim you do, then why are you still harping on us? Why are you talking about us?”

Luann also named Bethenny during an interview with Us Weekly in May after being asked which cast member she wouldn’t want to film with again.

“Probably Bethenny, to be perfectly honest,” Luann said. “I don’t think she’d come to the table in any case. … I’m not a person that lives in regrets. I think everything happens and I loved all of our fights. It was so good.”