RHOC’s Heather Dubrow Shades Shannon as Inauthentic, Calls Out “Two-Faced” Tamra, and Reveals “Biggest Surprise” of Season 17, Plus Talks Terry, Bethenny’s Union Calls, IMDb Drama, & Live Viewing

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RHOC's Heather Dubrow Shades Shannon as Inauthentic, Calls Out "Two-Faced" Tamra, and Reveals "Biggest Surprise" of Season 17, Plus Talks Bethenny's Union Calls and IMDb Drama

Shannon Beador may have declared on Watch What Happens Live that she’s a better housewife than Heather Dubrow because she’s “more authentic,” but according to Heather, that isn’t exactly true.

As she looked back on the “biggest surprise” of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 and labeled Tamra Judge, 55, as “two-faced” for her antics amid the currently airing episodes, Heather, 54, commented on the union calls of Bethenny Frankel, 52, addressed her IMDb drama with Taylor Armstrong, 52, and offered an update on husband Terry Dubrow, 64.

“It was very scary and thank God he’s okay and what’s really great is what he has was so fixable,” Heather said during an August 20 interview with Us Weekly when addressing Terry’s recent health scare. “He had a PFO, which is basically a hole in your heart. So if you have a clot in your lower extremities and it goes up, it crosses over between the two sides of the heart and can go up into the brain.”

“Had he thrown a second clot, it could’ve killed him,” she continued. “Only one in five people live from these kinds of events.”

Although the health scare could’ve been fatal, Heather confirmed Terry’s issue has since been “patched” and “fixed.”

“It was terrifying but he’s good. He’s great. He feels stronger and more powerful than ever,” she confirmed, joking that she has a breakdown scheduled for September 8.

“It’s after the reunion. I have a few things to get through before then,” she shared.

Heather then applauded Bethenny’s efforts to start a union for reality stars.

“I am a union member. I’m in SAG-AFTRA and Equity and I think conversations like this are incredibly important and needed so I’m glad that this conversation has been started and will continue,” she stated. “I think Bethenny’s an amazing person and she is so good at advocating for the underdog and the underserved and that’s what she’ll continue to do.”

Speaking of her highly talked about IMDb page, which came amid her and Taylor’s movie role feud, Heather said it was unexpected.

“What I will tell you is I’ve gotten so many DMs from actors near and far just saying, ‘Wow, what a sh*tty thing to do.’ Yeah, it wasn’t nice,” Heather noted. “And then to take it a step further… I went on [WWHL] and I was asked a viewer question about Taylor’s acting and I said, ‘I thought she did a great job.’ I really did. I thought she did great. The whole thing. And then she puts some not-very-kind things on social media… It baffles me.”

But it wasn’t her biggest surprise of the RHOC season. That was simply “how south everything went” with her castmates.

“I do not even think I understood in the moment how south everything was going,” she admitted. “And just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, it was not. I don’t know, maybe I’m a moron. I had no idea. It has been very sad to watch Tamra’s comments because I had no idea, from moment one, from the very first episode, she was saying things that were really not nice about me.”

When Heather was then asked, point-blank, if Tamra is two-faced, she replied, “Well, clearly, because she was saying one thing to my face and another thing behind my back.”

According to Heather, she was especially disappointed in the comments Tamra made about the Fireside network she launched with Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban.

“I didn’t like that Tamra was talking negative about Fireside… I’ve been working on that a long time and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished,” she said. “Where is it going? I don’t know. This is what we do. We try things out. We see where they go. There used to be a code: No careers, no kids. There’s no code.”

Moving onto Shannon, Heather shot down the idea that she was the sole cast member responsible for the speculation surrounding Shannon’s relationship with John Janssen, and she signaled to hypocrisy.

“She’s still out there saying the same narrative that everything’s my fault,” Heather explained. “I saw a clip from Watch What Happens Live when she was on and someone asked why’s it okay for Tamra to talk about [Jennifer Pedranti]’s relationship but Heather can’t talk about your relationship. And she sort of fumbled a little bit and then said it’s different, and that Tamra didn’t talk about Jen’s relationship. It was [Emily Simpson] and [Gina Kirschenheiter]’s fault. So it’s like, I mean, if you hear her talk, she’s always right, Tamra’s always right. No one’s always right.”

Throughout the season, although the blame was put on Heather, numerous cast members were seen discussing Shannon and John.

“They all brought it on camera. Everyone’s saying ‘Heather’s saying it. Heather’s saying it.’ But I want you to pay close to two conversations that Emily has with Shannon and everyone has with each other and you’ll see that that’s not true,” Heather pointed out.

Then, regarding Shannon’s claims of being a better Housewife, Heather signaled to her inability to showcase her real life for the cameras.

“I think that was a problem that other cast members were complaining about, was like, we have to show our lives. Why aren’t you showing yours?” she shared. “I think that was definitely an issue.”

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