RHOC’s Shannon Beador Addresses Fight With Ex John’s Daughter, Her Regrets, and Status With David, Plus Slams “Fake” Heather, and Talks Drama With Gina and Tamra’s “Alcoholic” Diss

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RHOC's Shannon Beador on Fight With John's Daughter, "Shady" Heather, and John Being "Better in Bed" Than David, Plus Slams Heather as Fake, Talks Tamra's "Alcoholic" Diss

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Shannon Beador confirmed her public fight with ex-boyfriend John Janssen’s daughter on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While taking aim at Heather Dubrow‘s “super shady” antics, suggesting she’s fake, and revealing she and David Beador are no longer on good terms, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 59, addressed her thoughts on Tamra Judge, 55, labeling her an “alcoholic” and revealed which of her on-screen freak-outs she regrets the most.

“This isn’t my plate! That one,” Shannon told host Andy Cohen, 55, on the August 2 episode of WWHL. “I cried for two months after that because it was so like, ‘Oh my God, what are people going to think of me when they see that?’ And I called Julius [the manager of The Quiet Woman] a few months after going, ‘Can I come back in?’ And he goes, ‘If we didn’t allow people like you back in we’d be out of business.’ So he let me back in.”

According to Julius, who was serving as the clubhouse bartender, Shannon’s outburst at his venue was “Mickey Mouse compared to the things that go on.”

Over the years, Shannon has been dealt the “alcoholic” label on a number of occasions. But, when it comes to Tamra’s diss, Shannon has moved past it.

“I think it was [Eddie Judge] that did. Actually no she did too. But it’s hurtful but I look at the positives because if you… Her kindness and her friendship and her heart means more to me than those few times,” she explained.

On last week’s episode of RHOC, Shannon was seen breaking the fourth wall as Tamra mentioned something Heather, 54, had been saying about her since-ended romance with John. And looking back, she does not believe she overreacted.

“As you will find out, no I didn’t. You’ll all agree with me later,” she teased.

“[Heather] was talking to people on and off camera, planting seeds, telling people things, making them believe the worst so I was irate because I finally trusted Heather, that I could confide in her and it’s really disappointing,” she added.

When Shannon was asked to answer a series of questions about Heather, she said she’d rate her IMDb page as a “good eight” out of 10, denied she’s ever gone overboard with facial tweaks, and said she’s guilty of talking the most crap behind the backs of Gina Kirschenheiter, 39, and Emily Simpson, 47.

As for how Shannon believes she’s a better housewife than Heather, she said, “I’m authentic and I’m 100 percent real and I mean what I say.”

Looking ahead to BravoCon in October, Shannon said she’s least excited to see Gina.

“I’m gonna get in trouble for that. [But] she just keeps bashing me and I don’t understand why,” she explained. “We end every season good.”

In addition to being on the outs with Gina, Shannon is also no longer in a good place with David, who she was seen posing alongside on a couple of occasions in recent months.

“No. It’s okay,” she replied after being asked if they were still “civil.”

Then, when Andy questioned her about who was better in bed, Shannon gave that honor to “John Janssen.”

As the 17th season of RHOC continues to see Tamra bashing Jennifer Pedranti‘s relationship with Ryan Boyajian, 46, many have wondered if she’s being hypocritical for shaming Heather for talking about Shannon and John.

“I’d like to point out — I don’t know if I’m 100 percent accurate — but Gina and Emily were the ones that brought up Jen’s relationship on camera before Tamra did,” Shannon said of the situation.

She then confirmed that Tamra wasn’t being messy, but rather a good friend, when she told her what Heather was saying about her and John’s relationship.

“She was absolutely doing it as a good friend. As you will see moving forward, it was just super shady,” Shannon noted of Heather.

As for the claims that she was recently seen screaming and being thrown out of a club amid a fight with John’s daughter, Shannon confirmed the fight but denied she was thrown out of the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a positive relationship with John’s daughter, which happens often in blended families,” Shannon shared. “We did have an argument and I was upset about it. John and I were out. We spend time together. One day at a time. We have fun when we do things together. And so they left. The lights were up. They were saying, ‘Everybody, wrap it up.’ I wasn’t kicked out but I asked security to help me with my Uber.”

“We had an argument. There was an argument but I absolutely was not kicked out and John made a statement and another person made a statement so why are you printing stories to try and hurt people?” she added.

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