VIDEO: See RHOC Midseason Trailer! Heather is Everyone’s “Whipping Boy;” Shannon Demands “Apology” for John as Emily Calls Her “Jekyll and Hyde,” Plus Tamra Accuses Jen of “Ruining” Family

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
VIDEO: Shannon Beador Demands "Apology" for John as Emily Calls Her "Jekyll and Hyde" in RHOC Midseason Trailer, Plus Tamra Accuses Jen of "Ruining" Family

Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County midseason trailer is here. And as expected, it’s packed full of drama.

In addition to fun scenes with returning OG Vicki Guvalson and the Tres Amigas, including a wheelbarrow race, the ladies are seen going to war, with Shannon Beador vehemently defending now-ex-boyfriend John Janssen, Emily lashing out at Heather Dubrow, and Tamra Judge accusing Jennifer Pedranti of ruining her “whole family.”

Although the cast seems to be at peace amid an oceanfront ceremony for “new life,” with Jennifer saying she wants “clarity” and “authentic relationships” and Tamra suggesting she wants her “friends to be happy,” a division between the group is unavoidable, with Heather seemingly on the outs with everyone.

“Heather and Terry Dubrow sell their home for $55 million,” Tamra tells Shannon on FaceTime, reading a headline about their co-star’s Newport property.

“Why wouldn’t she mention it to us?” Shannon wonders.

Elsewhere, despite facing cheating drama throughout the season, Jennifer and boyfriend Ryan Boyajian seemingly consider marriage.

“Forever is a long time,” Jennifer tells Ryan.

“Just you and me and those boobies,” Ryan replies.

But, not surprisingly, they haven’t heard the end of Tamra, who has been targeting their relationship throughout the episodes of season 17.

“You ruined your whole family,” Tamra tells Jennifer during a sit-down with their castmates.

“How f-cking dare you!” Jennifer yells back.

And Jennifer’s partner isn’t the only man under attack. According to Gina Kirschenheiter, her boyfriend, Travis Mullen, has also faced trash-talking from her co-stars.

“My boyfriend has been disparaged, me as a mother,” she tells Jennifer, who proceeds to make a shocking claim about someone unconfirmed.

“She said, ‘Your kids would’ve gone to CPS if she didn’t step in,'” she states.

Although it is unclear who Jennifer is discussing, the drama between the women continues with Emily telling Shannon on the phone, “You are two different people, Shannon, you are Jekyll and Hyde and I’m tired of it.”

Emily then wonders if it’s “okay to body-shame” after Tamra says someone told her she “looks like a Snuffaluffagus.”

As the allegations press on, Heather claims to be sick of being “everyone’s whipping boy” as she reaches her breaking point with Emily amid a cast dinner.

“Just because you say something emphatically doesn’t make it true,” Heather says.

“Just because you do this with your f-cking hands doesn’t make it true either,” Emily claps back, imitating her castmate’s gestures.

Also in the sneak peek, the information Heather reportedly revealed about John that Shannon claimed would “destroy” their relationship, which ended just after filming wrapped, was further teased.

“Remember what Heather told us about Shannon and John?” Emily asks Gina.

“She’s like, ‘Everything’s perfect.’ But we all know it’s not,” Gina replies, seemingly in reference to Shannon.

And as for Shannon, she has a full-on blow-up, yelling to someone unseen, “You owe my boyfriend a huge f-cking apology!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.