Shannon Beador Addresses “Drunk Label” on RHOC, Tamra’s Blowup, and Eddie’s Diss, Plus How John Dumped Her and Hopes for Future With David

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RHOC's Shannon Beador Addresses "Drunk Label," Tamra's Blowup, and Eddie's Diss, Plus How John Dumped Her and Hopes for Future With David

Shannon Beador admitted that Wednesday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was hard to watch during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live after the broadcast.

As she reacted to the “drunk label” she’s gotten over the course of her nine-year stint on the show, commented on her boat drama with Tamra Judge, and reacted to Eddie Judge saying the best thing about her relationship with David Beador was David, Shannon spoke of the end of her romance with John Janssen and shared her co-parenting hopes for herself and David.

After confirming there were “absolutely zero sparks” between her and David during their recent run-ins on the June 14 episode of WWHL, Shannon claimed that after crossing paths with David at The Quiet Woman restaurant, she demanded they take a pic (although she previously claimed it was David who made the request).

“For the last five years, if he heard my voice on the phone with the kids, he would hang up. So I went up to him and I said, ‘I’m not leaving your side until you take a picture and we send it to the kids, and so we did and Sophie FaceTimed us immediately,” Shannon recalled. “And that’s sad because we were super excited about it and then he said, ‘Go ahead and post it,’ and I had a big piece of food in my teeth so yeah, that’s the stuff that happens.”

According to Shannon, she’s “hopeful” that her relationship with David will improve now that he’s split from estranged wife Lesley Beador.

“They had their graduation, the twins graduated last week and he said, ‘Let’s take a picture of the four of us.’ So I did. So I’m hopeful for the kids’ sake,” she stated.

Moving on to John, Shannon confirmed his son was actually on the boat she and the RHOC cast crossed paths with on Wednesday’s show.

“Yes. I mean, what are the odds?” she asked. “And by the way, had Terry Dubrow gone by the boat, [Heather Dubrow] would’ve taken a megaphone out. we all know that.”

As fans have surely heard, Shannon’s relationship with John ended last November, just after filming for season 17 wrapped.

“Well actually he broke up with me a week after filming so that’s why I said, I used the word ‘blindside’ because as you watch the season, you’ll see how our relationship progressed,” she explained.

Then, after Andy Cohen pointed out that she rode so hard for her relationship amid the season, Shannon acknowledged their breakup “was tough.”

“Fortunately, we kept it under wraps for a couple months because I wanted to process it myself. Now, I didn’t speak to him for about six months, we’ve run into each other and we’re friendly,” Shannon revealed. “We’ve actually been [to dinner] together. We’re never getting back together, but if we can maintain that friendly relationship, I’ll be happy.”

Looking back on the split itself, Shannon said that John dumped her by saying, “‘I love you, but we’re not right for each other.’”

Although Tamra has suggested that the times she and Eddie have spent with Shannon and John have not been great, and claimed they’ve always ended in a drunken fight, Shannon disagreed with her co-star’s comment.

“It’s interesting because we’d only been out with them twice at that point and one was a party I was hosting so it didn’t make any sense to me,” she reasoned.

In addition to Tamra’s dig at her relationship with John, Eddie took a dig at Shannon’s relationship with David.

“That was incredibly hurtful,” Shannon confessed, sharing that she has not yet discussed the matter with Tamra or her husband.

“She’s on vacation so I’m not gonna ruin her vacation because we are in a good place right now, hard to go back in time,” Shannon explained.

During the cast’s boat ride on Wednesday’s show, Tamra took aim at Shannon, calling her a drunk.

“It was a lot and for her to be calling me a drunk when I was pretty much even-keeled, it speaks for itself,” Shannon said in response.

When fans wanted to know how she and Tamra have such different versions of their falling out, Shannon said the root of Tamra’s issue with her was likely her demotion from the show.

“From the time she was let go to when she posted that I was a fake friend I have 150 screenshots of text messages between the two of us,” Shannon declared. “I know the truth. But the bottom line is, we were filming and she got let go and you’re busy when you’re filming and I think that that was a lot of reason why she was angry.”

But in regard to Tamra’s claim about her wanting to be the center of attention, Shannon said that her interaction with Jennifer Pedranti proves nothing. After all, she wasn’t ignoring her castmate, who was opening up about her adopted son, as it seemed.

“We were about to go into the ocean and I didn’t hear her,” Shannon stated. “That being said, when I knew what she was discussing. Actually, there’s a charity in Orange County for foster kids, that’s the one I support. So I felt horrible, and I apologized right away… I apologized. It was very rude. I didn’t hear her.”

After noting that the show was hard to watch, Shannon said it was “hurtful to see things that are said about [her] that aren’t very kind” before addressing the ongoing “drunk label” she’s gotten.

“The drunk label, it’s getting old,” she admitted. “This is my ninth season. Do we have to keep saying that? It’s not who I am.”

Then, when Andy pointed out that she has “tequila” in her tagline, Shannon replied, “Well yeah, I do.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.