RHOC’s Shannon Beador Talks Ex David’s Run-In With Boyfriend John Janssen, Admits She’s Never Met David’s Wife Lesley and Opens Up About Their “Awkward” Co-Parenting Relationship

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RHOC's Shannon Beador Talks Ex David's Run-In With Boyfriend John Janssen, Admits She's Never Met David's Wife Lesley and Opens Up About Their "Awkward" Co-Parenting Relationship

Shannon Beador has never met David Beador‘s new wife, Lesley Cook.

During a recent appearance on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM Radio Andy show, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member opened up about her hopes for her future communication with the newly married couple before revealing that her boyfriendJohn Janssen, recently endured an awkward run-in with her ex-husband.

“You know, I wish he and his future wife the best but I just wish that I had more of a co-parent,” Shannon admitted on the October 15 episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “He will not respond to my texts and if he does send me some email or text because I need it and then I respond, he’s like, ‘No need to respond.’ [It’s been one-sided] for a long time.”

In addition to David failing to interact with her about their children, Shannon said they’ve also not yet met one another’s partners.

“He’s never met John Janssen either [and] what’s crazier is I’ve never met the women that spends half of my kids’ time,” she shared. “I’ve never met her.”

According to Shannon, she would love to have a good relationship with David and his wife, who is currently expecting their first child.

“I’m willing to get along with everybody and at this point, it’s so flipping awkward,” she admitted. “We saw them at a volleyball tournament once and it’s like, what? Do you go up to them now? It’s been two years. What do you say? It’s weird.”

While she’s had no contact at all with Lesley, David and John recently came face-to-face at a COVID-19 testing center.

“David has seen John before. In fact, they ran into each other at the rapid COVID testing [center],” Shannon revealed.

Looking back, John told host Jeff what went down between them.

“I had to walk up and he was right there and I just said ‘Hello’ to him,” he recalled.

Shannon and David split in 2017 after 17 years of marriage. They share three daughters together.

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