RHOP’s Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger: “Her Riches Are as Fake as Her Teeth!” Responds to Accusations About Her Husband

by Tiffany Brown Comments

RHOP's Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger

The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby has always reminded me of a kitten—young, cute, and a little too curious for her own good. And judging from her recent comments about one of her castmates, she’s revealing that she’s also got some pretty sharp claws!

In her latest blog, Ashley slams her castmate Karen Huger, stating that her “riches are as fake as her teeth.” Ouch!  She also responds to Karen’s accusations about her husband Michael Darby supposedly sending out raunchy photos to others on dating websites.

In her new Bravo blog, Ashley dished on her costars but saved her most scathing comments for the “Grande Dame” herself, Karen!

Despite the fact that Karen’s husband, Ray Huger, owes an astronomical amount of money to the IRS…we’re talking millions, y’all…she has insisted that the debts are business related, and that she’s as rich and fabulous as ever.  She was even rolling around Potomac in a brand new $100K Porsche, but Ashley saw right through her facade.

“Listen, you know that saying about men with big trucks having small privates? I think that pretty much sums this up—Karen is severely trying to overcompensate for the money issues they’re having. Humility is just not a word in her vocabulary,” Ashley observed.

Ashley and the other ladies have been doing quite a bit of gossiping about Karen’s money issues, and in a rather desperate attempt to put the rumors to rest, Karen held a “press conference with no press” to address them. It didn’t go well.

“Because Karen is always trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, the no-press conference was just another example of how her schemes backfire. She came dressed in fatigues, like she was going hunting, but ended up getting hunted. Only guilty people get upset about being asked reasonable questions,” Ashley said.

Those “reasonable questions” were, indeed, a problem, and when when Ashley asked about the possibility of Karen and Ray being indicted, Karen had viciously deflected to an embarrassing rumor involving Ashley’s husband Michael’s “dingaling”.

”It was quite comical! Unlike Karen (allegedly), I know everything Michael is doing. A fake story about my husband, featuring a faceless, grainy picture of some other white man, has no basis. I know it’s whack, and have the receipts to firmly validate my truth,” said Ashley. “On the other hand, Karen has gone around for YEARS acting high and mighty, and now, The Washington Post has revealed that Karen’s riches are as fake as her teeth. No disputing that fact.”

Ouch! Not her teeth too?! Karen won’t like this one bit. Be sure to tune in tonight at 10/9c to see how this drama unfolds!

Photos Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com, Bravo