RHOP’s Karen Huger Makes Low Blows Against Ashley Darby’s Husband Michael When Confronted About Her Taxes

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RHOP Karen Huger and Ashley Darby feud

Karen Huger hasn’t been too happy about the ongoing claims of a tax scandal against her and her husband, Ray Huger. So, when the topic came up during filming on season three of The Real Housewives of Potomac, she lashed out against her co-stars with a number of low blows.

Oddly enough, she was the one who arranged for the conversation to happen.

In a sneak peek at Sunday night’s episode of the show, Karen is seen holding a conference with her co-stars to answer the ongoing questions about her potential tax issues. Unfortunately, the discussion between her and her co-stars quickly escalates.

As Karen continues to proclaim she is “debt-free and loaded,” her co-stars aren’t completely convinced.

“Are you being indicted at all?” Ashley Darby asks.

“Did [Michael Darby] get indicted for his ding-a-ling swinging across Instagram? No,” Karen responds, citing an unconfirmed report regarding an alleged nude photo scandal involving Ashley’s husband on Instagram.

“I don’t believe everything I read, but if you want to believe everything you read, Ashley, your man up there meeting people in London,” Karen added in her cast confessional. “Through the Grindr.”

“Um, excuse me, was that in the Washington Post?” Ashley fires back.

As the conversation continues, Karen informs her co-stars that she and her husband file their taxes separately. Still, questions remain as the group wonders why a married couple wouldn’t file joint documents.

“I feel like it’s gonna come out online before you tell us is the problem… Like, we’re gonna read about it on ‘The Shade Room’ and Washington Post before you tell anybody,” Ashley continues.

“I’m really trying to make progress with you here, but mind your own f**king business,” Karen yells back at her. “We’re done. Mind your business. This is none of your business.”

Later on, Ashley tells her co-stars that she doesn’t believe Karen is being completely honest.

“I just don’t believe that Karen’s being truthful about her whole situation,” Ashley later tells the group. “It’s OK if you’re not OK, Karen. If you’re about to go bankrupt, you can say it! It’s fine.”

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