RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Says Gizelle’s T-Shirt Was ‘Inappropriate’ & No Possibility of Friendship With Ashley! Plus Is Monique’s Fan Page Ran By Her Brother?

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RHOP Robyn Dixon, Monique Samuels, Ashley Boalch Darby

Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon found herself at the center of two feuds with her castmates Ashley Darby and Monique Samuels on the latest episode of the show.

Robyn took issue with Monique after she liked a meme poking fun at Robyn on her fanpage, and then later on in the episode, she got into a back and forth with Ashley who once again slammed her relationship with ex-husband Juan Dixon.

In her latest blog, Robyn touches on a number of issues including her shocking acknowledgement that her BFF Gizelle Bryant’s t-shirt was indeed inappropriate, while also making it clear she has no desire to ever be friends with Ashley again. She also discusses the meme drama with Monique, as it does appear that Monique’s fan page is indeed being run by one of her family members!

First, Robyn discusses the highly entertaining press conference called by Karen Huger in an attempt to clear the air regarding her financial issues and the reported millions her husband Ray Huger owes the IRS. It didn’t end well, not surprisingly, especially after Gizelle revealed the back of her shirt which had hashtags such as “#TaxReform and #FreeUncleBen” printed on it. While some thought the shirt was funny, Karen and many others found it insensitive as did  Robyn.

“I was really hoping that the press conference would end on a good note with all of us coming together and hugging and saying how much we love and support each other. But a girl can dream I guess! We all know Gizelle is a jokester, so nobody should take Gizelle’s hashtags seriously. But were they inappropriate? Absolutely!” wrote Robyn in her Bravo blog.

As for Ashley once again commenting on her unconventional relationship with ex-husband Juan, Robyn reveals she no longer has a desire to ever be friends with Ashley again.

“There is not one iota of a chance that I even want to breathe the same air as Ashley ever again,” said Robyn when asked about the possibility of mending their friendship. Yikes.

She also discussed her meme drama with Monique.

“I was very shocked when I came across the meme on her fan page run by people Monique knows making fun of me and laughing at me…,” said Robyn. “That page is a clear representation of Monique and is authorized to speak on Monique’s behalf and Monique herself liked the post. The meme was deliberately laughing at me and humiliating me on social media. I am sure I have been the subject of many memes created by strangers that I do not know nor consider a friend. But friends do not create memes making fun of their friends, plain and simple.”

Well, since the latest episode aired, Monique’s fan page has been updated to reveal who runs it and it’s none other than Monique’s younger brother!

It appears it was never much of a secret to begin with, and Monique’s brother Kevin Cox makes it clear he is not being paid to run the page and he is simply supporting his big sis!

He wrote, “I’ve always been my sister’s biggest fan. And I will always stan for her harder than anyone else ever will. This love and support comes for free.” A screenshot is below.

Monique Samuels Fan Page

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Below is the original meme that got Robyn so upset.


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