Does Scheana Marie Still Speak to Ex-Husband Mike Shay? Plus, She Reveals Where She Stands With Rob Valletta Today & Hangs Out With Jersey Shore’s Ronnie!

by Lindsay Cronin

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Marie Rob Valletta Mike Shay

Scheana Marie didn’t hesitate to hate on her marriage to Mike Shay throughout the sixth season of Vanderpump Rules as she gushed over her romance with Rob Valletta.

During the show, Scheana was seen comparing the two relationships and frequently applauding Rob for his talent and success. Not everyone can hang a TV in under 7 minutes! Meanwhile, she often took aim at Mike and his supposed lack of funds, even poking fun at him for cooking her TV dinners while Rob hired a private chef.

During a new interview, Scheana spoke of both relationships and where she stands with each ex today, including a surprising admission that she still has feelings for Rob.

First, she revealed that she and Mike remain estranged following their divorce.

“[Mike and I] actually haven’t spoken since the reunion almost a year ago,” Scheana explained to E! News. “We do still share some mutual friends. I know he’s in a new relationship.”

Although Scheana is no longer on speaking terms with her ex-husband, Mike has kept in touch with a few of her co-stars.

“He’s been reaching out to the Toms and Jax recently which is interesting and confusing at the same time,” Scheana said. “Him and Jax were never friends. He was never a fan of Jax. I know a couple of weeks ago, he was like, ‘Hey buddy, we should grab a beer, I’m doing a lot better.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, but you’re still drinking.'”

“The fact that he reached out to Jax I just, I thought was very odd, but for him to say, ‘I’m in a better place and I’m doing really well,’ that makes me happy,” she continued. “Hopefully, this relationship is the one for him. Clearly, him and I were meant to be best friends. We were never meant to be in a romantic relationship but we tried it. It didn’t work and you can’t fault us for trying. It felt right at the time.”

As for her relationship with Rob, Scheana admitted they are still trying to make it work as friends after dating “on and off” for over a decade.

“With Rob, we’ve have such a long friendship and there’s that history with us,” she said. “Just because you have a long history with someone, after dating, it doesn’t mean you can stay best friends. Even though that’s how it started out, it is not easy after being so deeply in love with someone and going through all the motions with someone, getting engaged, married, divorced, and dealing everything in between, it’s not easy to just go back. It doesn’t work that way.”

“Rob is still trying to keep that friendship. Even just last week we spoke and he was like, ‘I feel like we are becoming strangers,’ and I’m like, ‘But that’s what happens when people break up, Rob. You broke up with me. I didn’t want this. I was very madly in love,'” Scheana explained.

Scheana also shared that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

“We’ve been broken up half a year now and I’ve been trying to be his friend but it’s not easy being friends with someone you still have feelings for,” she admitted.

In other Scheana news, she is making headlines today after she posted videos of herself hanging out with Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro on Monday night.

Part of the reason this is big news is because Ronnie himself made headlines over the weekend for getting into a physical fight with his girlfriend and mother of his child, Jen Harley.

As for Scheana and Ronnie, it doesn’t appear there’s anything romantic going on… for now… as they were hanging out together at Scheana’s Las Vegas condo in a group setting.

“I mean, while watching the Vanderpump Rules finale, we have our own reality show in my condo,” said Scheana, 32, before turning the camera to show Ronnie, 32.

Screenshots from Scheana’s Instagram Stories are below.

Scheana Marie and Ronnie Magro

Scheana Marie hangs out with Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro

Also below is some video footage of Ronnie getting into a physical altercation with Jen over the weekend after he accused her of keeping “sex videos” of her ex on her phone, and she accused him of being a “coke head.”  Not surprisingly, the couple is now broken up.

The Vanderpump Rules season six reunion begins airing next Monday, May 7 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photo Credit: DFree/, Instagram