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Andy Cohen Thinks Kim Zolciak Got Ganged Up On During RHOA Reunion, Says He Almost Walked Off

Andy Cohen talk Kim Zolciak

Andy Cohen talk Kim Zolciak

Andy Cohen nearly walked off the set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special earlier this year.

During an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show days ago, Andy admitted that he felt Kim Zolciak was ganged up on by the other women to the point where he began to feel uncomfortable about the vibe between the ladies.

“Atlanta this season… I had a really rough time with the last chunk of that when Kim was on because it got very… I hate a five against one situation because it is a gang up and the problem is that Kim was not… It’s less problematic when the person is good at taking up for themselves and Kim was not having an easy time with her words,” he explained.

“[Kim] was making it harder for herself,” he continued.

According to Andy, he completely lost control of the reunion after Kim joined her co-stars to hash out the events of season 10.

“In retrospect in thinking of it, no one was listening to me and I really did not have control of the room,” he admitted. “I wish I had walked off of that reunion because I’ve never walked off. Everyone else has walked off. The next day, I was like ‘Dammit, you should have walked off. Why didn’t you walk off?’”

Andy also addressed the controversial conversation he had with Kim off-stage, which included Kim defending herself against racist allegations from her co-stars and insisting that there were tons of positive things about her life that Andy could have focused on.

“In that moment, I was literally like, ‘Oh no, the reunion is done. They are never using this,’” he recalled. “I was so dumb! And I said to them after, I was like, ‘You know, I don’t think that was interesting.’ I am dumb sometimes.”

“I am always thinking as a producer but in that moment, I was so exhausted,” he added.

Following filming on the reunion, Kim announced that she would no longer be appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As for her spinoff, Don’t Be Tardy, Kim is reportedly in production on season seven, despite calls for the series to be canceled earlier this year.

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          1. Omg kitten I did good by not even attempting to watch this show !! Is she foaming at the mouth ? ?

          2. She was off her rocker during this reunion and yes, she was frothing at the mouth, veins were literally popping out on her forehead. If I’m correct, this was the reunion before she went to Camp Cupcake PRISON.

          3. I enjoy the “chat” factor of the shows. Otherwise I’d probably wouldn’t have a problem dropping the majority of the them. RHONY will always be a staple for me, as long as Dodo is on.

          4. My original reason was to *see* the lifestyle of other cities/states, & to see a glimpse of the environment (scenery, shops & restaurants). My curiosity wasn’t sated because the women’s idiocy took more screen time. My current reason seems to be to kibbitz & komplain with other viewers how ridiculous or good the characters are.

          5. Haha, yes!! I feel like I need to get my frustration out after watching the shows and commenting is part of the “therapy” with like minded individuals!

          6. I am, not really excited about it and I’ll probably not pay very good attention to it either. unless they start bashing both Laler and Scheaner! LOL

            You watching tonight or waiting until tomorrow?

          7. Oh I’m waiting ! I’ll watch Killing Eve first thing , then roll into the finale of DWTS !!! ✌️?❤️?
            I haven’t even watched last week’s VP Rules either come to think of it . I’m guess I’m kinda over it at least for now ….

          8. Yep and face shame away, the RestitutionWhore more than deserves it.

    1. MORE than a day late & a dollar short, AC is apparently rejuvenated and working overtime to sooth KZ’s ever ruffled tail feathers. KZ ‘was having trouble with her words’…ROFLMAO Wouldn’t you just give ANYTHING to hear exactly what he REALLY TRULY feels in totally unguarded moments with the OTHER AC? Seriously…try again Andy…NOT buying this horsecrap! When Wacha can’t even abide being in the room…THAT is your first clue…lmao

      1. Epic post ???? you nailed it !! He doesn’t seem to know what he even wants but since he doesn’t have a core , I’m not surprised ….
        did he see him on the Billbaord music awards last night ?? He looked tipsy

        1. Yep….along with a shot of EJ…shudder…
          Also caught him on something…can’t recall exactly what at the moment…probably WWHL, telling a guest how you can/he puts people on ‘mute’ on Instagram I think, so he can ignore them without their knowing or being able to place ‘value/cache” on his ‘blocking them. Funniest part for me when seeing/hearing that was figuring I was on perpetual ‘snooze’ with him on FB. Seems like when non’friends’ dish him some legitimate accountability/criticism, he blocks/evades them in the future. I respect self protection however increasingly he seems to prefer an echo chamber…no bueno.

          1. You nailed it ???? he has no core and it’s hard to even know what he stands for or what are his values

          2. At the onset, when WWHL first began, it seemed at least, that he had some. Can’t help but wonder if all the blow he does hasn’t significantly changed the status/function of what used to be his brain…seriously. I LOVED the guy who FELL IN LOVE WITH and adopted Wacha…THIS is no longer THAT guy…hasn’t been for awhile. JMO
            When Wacha stopped appearing, so it seems did THAT AC…smh
            I joked about it, but it has merit…when Wacha has issues with him…perhaps he needs to take inventory rather than turn what used to be the closest thing to him into a replica stuffed animal. Perhaps what has been described as ‘issues’ that Wacha displays(ed) were more the result of what Wacha experienced/sensed in AC & NOT the result of trauma prior to his adoption.

          3. So well said !!’ Plus Andy travels a lot and I’m sure even he’s home he doesn’t have a lot of time for his pooch . Chasing twinks can be both exhausting and time consuming ???

            I used to like him too but I think my turning point was when he didn’t fire Vicki ! I was DONE

  1. Just so tired of the race card. Please use it when it applies. You can’t blame everything in your life on racism. Sometimes you are just an ignorant asshole who happens to look different than the people around you.

          1. LOL, animals (especially cats imo) have a way of doing that! 🙂

  2. It’s funny that Andy never minded when in seasons past, LisaV was ganged up by the rest of heap. In fact, he piled on, too. What a hypocrite.

    1. There have been more than one reunion where he let everyone have a go at LVP, ganging up on her. Do I think he lost control, nope. He loved every single minute of those pile ons. Those were painful to watch because she didn’t deserve it. Kimzzz more than deserved it. Poor pitiful Kimzzz couldn’t “find her words” because her vocabulary is limited to swearing and saying sweetie and oh honey. She doesn’t know how to express herself, period.


      1. You are so right that Andy had his fun when LVP got pummeled at 3 reunions, which coincided with the 3 seasons she was the main target of harassment from the heap. He added salt to the wound by pressing her further, “Didn’t you….?” He’s a misogynistic moron.

        It sounds as if KimZ deserves to be criticized. Didn’t SHE fake cancer? She can eff off.

          1. That seems to be their job requirement. Andy revels is controversy & chaos.
            It’s very suspicious that the women have FAKED cancer in so many franchises. Exception: YoDull came up with a new disease to FAKE. She fooled many viewers, too.

          2. I’m waiting for Pyle to bring her fake “illnesses” to the forefront as a storyline at any given moment. She thinks she has us fooled with her fake OCD, not so. I see right through her bs along with many others. She’s mentioned a couple of other disorders, I can’t remember what they are but I’m kind of somewhat shocked she hasn’t milked that cow.

          3. Oh, yes. Of course the little runt will do that. Vyle needs constant attention & stroking. Here’s a running tally of ailments, Ms. Hypochondria has stated she has: Dry Eyes, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Shortness of Breath, Allergic to Horses, Fear of Flying, Fear of Separation from daughters going to college…
            We can add to that list a few more issues that she has exhibited: severe jealousy, mean girl-itis, anger & rage issues, lack of mathematical acumen, disloyalty & terminal idiocy.

          4. Fibromyalgia, that’s the one I keep thinking of but can’t remember!! No way she has it and FM is another disease anyone can fake because of vague symptoms, much like Lyme’s. I guess she was taking notes from Yodull!

          5. She never faked it beyond claiming to have it. I doubt she even knows what the symptoms are. Remember, “Depression Hurts”?

          6. Kryle’s Krying on Kommand is probably her only “skill”. Most likely, she carries an onion around to sniff. Why doesn’t Erikant refer to Kryle as, “Ms Cry Baby”??? Nobody cries more than Kryle.

          7. Who knows with Cunty. It’s not convenient at the moment for Cunty to call her a cry baby. I get the feeling Cunty doesn’t want to deal with Pyle’s neediness and is basically patting her on the head to keep her calm and off her radar.

          8. When confronted with Kryle’s fake croc tears that Doorrrreeeet caused a rift, Erotika parsed her words very carefully that their faux friendship wasn’t in jeopardy. It’s like talking a mental patient off the ledge.

          9. Hi dear Medusa, and guess what? She has something in common with royalty, did you see Charles’ sausage fingers?

          10. HAH!!!! Hi Sunshine!!!! No, I missed seeming them. That’s hilarious. At the reunion, ManHands said she & her hands should model for LisaV’s magazine. Lisa didn’t agree.

      2. She doesn’t know how to express herself, because she doesn’t have the required brain cells to do so. She’s dumb as a rock. Brielle came by it honestly.

  3. Andy’s a lying liar face just like many of the HW’s. He DIDN’T almost walk out, he was reveling in what was going on around him. The only reason he would walk off is to up the drama. I hate this scum sucking dick bag. TT has the video of this and he’s not convincing. That shyte was not only welcomed but played to the hilt for our viewing pleasure and I have to say, I enjoyed kimzzzz getting her just desserts.


      1. Why is Andy defending this POS racist? It’s a waste of time and doesn’t endear him to anyone. No one cares what happens to kimzz, especially when she deserved everything she got!

        1. I don’t get it but then again this is that man who won’t fire Vicki ! He doesn’t make sense other than maybe he decided he needed more ratchedness for next season

        2. Hi dear Fiddles,
          She deserved more. Look at those kids, they’re adorable, and her vicious mouth and filthy ways are hurting them. Not to mention she’s depriving them of grandparents because they don’t agree with her lifestyle. Then she caps it off at the reunion saying African American women went in for her? WTH did that have to do with anything? Women went in for her, cmon Andy, you stand up for THAT? Shame.

          1. Hello my Sunshine. Been missing you, hope all is well
            in your corner of the world.

            Agree with all of it Miss Sunshine??

          2. Dear sweet Fiddles, happy to see you!
            It’s like a jungle around here with all the rain, so I’ve been finishing up the yard. I’ll bet that’s what Sandy is doing as well.
            Sweetie, I saw you elsewhere. Is it safe now?
            You and I have always been on the same page about many things, I always appreciate seeing you❤️

          3. Sunshine!!! You and Sandy need to take a trip out here and kick my butt into my damn yard, I’m telling ya! LOL

            Big hugs and kisses my friend! ❤️?❤️?

      1. Absolutely, let it all sink in. Eve better get her butt covered, they will be coming for her. Her hubby was right to be worried for her safety.

        One thing that really bothered me, Eve’s husband’s greasy hair and icky mustache. I can’t get past it.

        1. They went very stereotype casting with her husband unfortunately ??. I always knew her biatch boss lady was hiding something but since she’s the one who hired Eve I think there may be more than meets the eye there so I will wait

          Seems a lot will happen next week , is it 2 hours ??? Konstantin basically was ok with his family being killed. Argh

          What a rush ha?? That’s why I can’t watch this show so late at night


          1. Wait, is it the season ender? I think I saw a commercial saying it’s been renewed. Please make this true baby Jesus.

            I’m so ready for this coming Sunday!!

          2. No no it’s not ending , it just the season finale ?? sorry to scare you I didn’t mean to

          3. You know who I really like, the 2 assistants. They’re due some action. In between the sheets, I can feel it.

          4. Oh yeah ! They haven’t shown the hot black chick this episode .. Maybe she was getting groomed ???????

          5. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it.

          6. And the guy is a cutie too , they should be together and we need to see it ! We NEED to see it ?
            Did you know that her name is Kirby ?! I’m not kidding ???

          7. LOL She’s hard NOT to look at. I hope this gives her some great exposure, would love to see her in other things in the future, maybe a woman Bond type? The guy’s adorable as well, total cutie!!

          8. Oh yasssss !! Is that her ?? Wow she’s aged !! That was a good movie though but it needs a remake !!

          9. That’s the only version of Persuasion I’ve ever seen . Nobody beats Jane when it comes to tortured and rejected love ???… the A &E Pride and Prejudice miniseries is my go too binge when I’m sick and in bed !! I think I know all the lines by now ?

        1. No I didn’t !! I’m west coast so it doesn’t come on for another 2 hours at 8 pm!! But I’m excited ! It’s been a good abbreviated season ✌️✌️?

  4. Cokehead Cannabis Cohen is just a disingenuous pot-stirring POS, and 10 times more annoying (and fake) on his stupid “Radio Andy” Sirius XM show.

    1. He REALLY seems to be doing a Benjamin Button in full of shittiness…for real. Very sad to observe actually….jmo

        1. But how do you REALLY feel? lmao… Seriously, as one who has been a longtime viewer of WWHL, I have really watched him devolve in ways that I can only imagine give more than pause to his parents. He seems to be working hard to possibly become the next predatory scandal in the making before our very eyes. He seems to take totally unplugged, detached delight in openly drooling over & making not subtle advances at/toward male guests, bartenders, show participants…many of whom are so called up & comers who no doubt are somewhat vulnerable. He behaves more as an old queen cliche’ than anything else…as opposed to the wide eyed, more a fan of his guests than a host, which was one of his greatest assets. Talk about a jaded mf’er…omg… RUN Anderson Cooper…RUN!

          1. The two Andy’s are a contrived/manufactured publicity stunt that their stupid agents came up with simply because they’re both middle aged queens with the same first name, which explains their total lack of chemistry. They both deserve each other. I’m not a fan of Kathy Griffin, but she nailed it when she said they were both known assholes (in the business).

  5. Doesn’t Andy realize that if he walked off the set, the women wouldn’t stop fighting??? They probably wouldn’t notice his absence.

  6. Kim was definitely ganged up on at the reunion, and it was obvious that the other’s were enjoying the whole thing. Even Cynthia, who is not a mean girl, acted like one. If for instance there were white women ganging up on one black woman, you would maybe be more conscious of the unfairness of it all. I did feel sorry for Kim and how she was treated. It was hard to watch.

  7. Kenya has been ganged up on in the past and so has Porsha. Andy seemed to think that was fine. But, now that it’s Goldilocks it’s suddenly not cool. Interesting.

  8. F you Cohen. Kim wasn’t ganged up on. She was confronted with the crap she’s been spewing all season. It’s called fair play. ALL the Atlanta ladies have had their turn at bat: Nene, Kenya, Poscha and Phaedra. Did you feel the need to defend them… WTF?

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