Kathryn Dennis Reveals Ashley Jacobs Will Not Return to Southern Charm Next Season! Plus She Slams Landon Clements and Calls Out Ashley

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Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis Slams Ashley Jacobs and Landon Clements

Kathryn Dennis is revealing the status of Ashley Jacobs when it comes to the next season of Southern Charm

Following reports claiming Thomas Ravenel has been fired from the Bravo show due to the ongoing claims of sexual assaults made against him, Kathryn told her fans and followers that Thomas’ girlfriend, Ashley, will not be returning next season.

After seeing that Ashley had blamed her recent weight loss on the pressures and stress of filming a reality show, Kathryn called out her co-star and suggested that any stress she was under was the result of her own behavior.

“Girl this is your first year and you’re an a**hole. Sorry to be blunt but there’s no excuse,” she tweeted. “The original cast has been through a helluva lot more. Get yourself together and move on. Be an a**hole in private. Truth hurts. Bye.”

Then, when asked if Ashley would be joining her and her co-stars for Southern Charm season six, Kathryn confirmed she was not.

“She will not,” she wrote.

Also on Twitter this morning, Kathryn responded to recent comments made by Landon Clements, who she butted heads with on the show last year before Landon’s exit after season five. As fans may have seen, Landon recently shared a positive message about being “happy” for Kathryn on her Twitter page after Kathryn was spotlighted by Forbes magazine.

Unfortunately, however, Kathryn wasn’t buying it. She responded to Landon by tweeting, “@clementslandon I moved on so long ago(?) Please stop mentioning me just to get in a headline. My coattails are tired and you really don’t care. If you did you would have said that to me..not the media.”

Then, when a fan pointed out that Landon had dissed Kathryn in a podcast just days before her positive comments were shared, Kathryn stated that Landon was “phony.”

She wrote, “I am all for girl power but she is a phony. Bye.”

As for Landon, she did respond to Kathryn’s tweets, saying she previously tried to reach out to her privately but couldn’t since Kathryn has her blocked.

Landon tweeted, “I have tried to reach out, she blocked my number not just Twitter she also once blocked me from Thomas’s phone. I was trying to make peace but oh well. I still wish her the best.”

Ashley has yet to comment about her future on the show, or whether she’s been fired by Bravo.

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