Southern Charm’s Ashley Jacobs Says She Feels “Betrayed” by Ex Thomas Ravenel, Plus Is She Dating a Married Man?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Split

Ashley Jacobs has been linked to a number of men, including a married man with a pregnant wife and a former soccer star, in the weeks since splitting from Thomas Ravenel.

Around the time photos began surfacing of the Southern Charm star and the men in her life, Thomas shared a number of posts on Twitter, insinuating she cheated. And in a new interview, Ashley is revealing she feels “betrayed” by her ex while sources close to her respond to the claims that she went out with a married man.

“I never cheated on Thomas. We had agreed to go our separate ways, and I told him I wanted to see other people,” she told PEOPLE. “When he saw that I was out with friends, he got angry and made assumptions that I was dating other guys. And when he confronted me about it, I blocked him because it wasn’t worth my energy. It’s toxic and unhealthy. So he went on a tweet storm.”

Thomas shared the message below on his now deleted Twitter page:

“After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune: If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.”

“He’s very impulsive and he’s not thinking,” Ashley said of Thomas’ posts. “Thomas is very traditional. He’s all about loyalty and honesty … and he just wanted a reaction. And my reaction was, ‘Typical, standard. Make an ass out of yourself. Keep doing it buddy. At this point, you’re only making it that much easier for me. I’m embarrassed for you that you have to go on Twitter at 56 years old.’”

Ashley went on to say that she feels “betrayed” and “disappointed” by Thomas’ recent statements.

“I feel betrayed. I’m so disappointed. To put stories there that [I’ve been unfaithful] – especially with what’s going on right now, that there’s allegations he hasn’t been cleared from, he should know better. I’m going to defend my character. I’m going to defend my reputation,” she explained.

Thomas has since retracted his claims that Ashley cheated on him.

Meanwhile, sources close to Ashley are also denying a report that stated she was dating a married man.  An insider is telling Page Six that while Ashley has been spending time with Ryan Trout and others, she is just “friends” with the men and is certainly not dating the married man she was linked to earlier this month.

“[Ashley] isn’t looking for a rebound [and] isn’t ready to jump into something else. She has a lot of things that she needs to work on before getting into a relationship,” the insider revealed.

Earlier this week, the AllAboutTheTea blog reported that Ashley was seen out on a date with a married man. Sources however insist to Page Six that while Ashley did strike up a conversation with the man in question at the Belmond Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, their chat wasn’t romantic in nature. Instead, the man simply approached Ashley because he was a friend of her Southern Charm co-star, Shep Rose, and had a wife who was from the same town as Ashley.

As for Ashley and Ryan, the insider said they are nothing more than friends.

“She went on [Ryan’s] boat the other day to hang out with a bunch of people her age and actually have fun,” the source explained.

Kathryn Dennis said on Twitter weeks ago that Ashley would not be featured on the upcoming sixth season of Southern Charm but that information has yet to be confirmed by Bravo TV.

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