RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Slams Shane Simpson Again and Says Emily Acted Like an “Animal,” Plus She Reveals Why She Lost It During the Fight

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RHOC Kelly Dodd slams Shane and Emily Simpson

You can’t have a party in the OC without some drama, and the showdown between Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson, on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County may go down in Housewives history! After all, how often does a birthday party end with a death threat? And now, Kelly is now opening up about the melee in her latest blog post. 

First, Kelly stated that she found it especially annoying that Emily’s husband, Shane Simpsonseemed to be inserting himself into her disagreement with Vicki’s boyfriend Steve Lodge, and can’t imagine why it was any of Shane’s business.  Kelly’s plan was to confront Steve over comments he made about her during an interview he did about her ex-husband Michael Dodd.

“Bzz! Bzz! Is that a housefly? Who is this buzzing in my ear? Can someone remind me why any of this was Shane’s business?” Kelly wrote in her Bravo blog.

Kelly then makes it clear that she has no regrets about her actions, and she stands by her statement about Shane. You know, the ‘little b***h’ comment!

“I find it sad (and more than a little funny) that Emily was hoping to bring Shane to the party so that we could all see what he’s really like.  Well, now we know!” she wrote.  “Who talks to women like that? I said it then, and I’ll say it again: He’s a little b***h!”

She went on to explain that she didn’t realize who Shane was when the argument started, and added that she now has a better understanding of what went down between him and Gina after the poker party. She also revealed why she lost it with Shane.

“We’ve all been there.  It’s hard to keep track of a lot of new faces, and we don’t always get it right,” Kelly explained.  “Regardless, the way he spoke to me is telling–I have a much better idea of what went down with him and Gina now.  You don’t call someone a drunk just because I happen to have a drink in my hand at a party and you disagree with what I’m saying.  That pushed me over the edge.”

Of course, Emily’s reaction to Kelly’s insults against her husband really shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise.  The women of the RHOC are notoriously ride or die when it comes to their men.  We learned that when the ladies tried to call out Vicki’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and two seasons later, not much has changed.

“Of course Vicki is going to side with Steve and call me disrespectful over him, I would expect nothing more. We saw how she was with Brooks! Even for all her great qualities, Vicki will still follow her boyfriends off a cliff if they ask her to,” Kelly explained.

All the same, Kelly says she and Vicki are in a good place, and she has “no problems” with her anymore.  Emily, on the other hand, took things to a whole new level!

“Someone call animal control, because Emily turned into a wild animal at record speed!” Kelly shared.  “She threatened to kill me! Did you see my face?! Let’s hope I don’t go missing before next week’s episode, and if I do, you’ll know who did it!”

The ladies sure have upped their game for season 13! You can continue to keep up with Kelly and the rest of the RHOC crew every Monday night at 9/8c…assuming she survives that is!

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