Married to Medicine Recap: Why So Crabby?

by Tiffany Brown Comments

Married to Medicine Recap Crabby Ladies Mariah and Quad Fight

The drama is really starting to heat up on Married to Medicine, and last night’s episode appeared to be the starting off point for much more to come.  The ladies are starting to turn on each other, many of their marriages are hanging in limbo, and even a simple crab boil went awry.  It’s just not looking like a very healthy season for the doctors…and it all started out so innocently too.

When we picked up with the crew, everyone was mostly concerned with matters closer to home.  Contessa was worried about her father, who had recently arrived for a visit.  He has a host of health issues, which Contessa is well aware of, but she was completely shocked by his dramatic weight loss and extreme fatigue.

After a serious conversation, in which she reminded her father that he could not fool two doctors, he finally admitted to Contessa and Scott that blood tests had revealed some seriously abnormal numbers, and that his doctors suspected that he may have prostate cancer.  Contessa was devastated by the news, particularly after her father informed her that he was refusing treatment until he could get an accurate biopsy, which was made difficult because of scar tissue from past surgeries.  It was no wonder that Contessa seemed supremely unbothered when Scott told her about the way Toya had called her out for not showing up to her party last week.  She has much bigger fish to fry, and besides, she said, Toya “celebrates mediocrity all day.” Ouch!

Mariah was busy dealing with her daughter Lauren, who like most teenage girls, is anxious to grow up.  She’s tired of her “baby-ish” clothes, no matter how stylish and expensive they are, and no longer wants the wait staff at restaurants handing her kids’ menus.  She’s off to high school soon, but still maintains the innocent coltishness of a middle schooler, and in the age old tradition of young girls wanting what they don’t have, she’s yearning to “transition” and “blossom” into young womanhood.  Mariah wisely told her that she had plenty of time for all of that, and encouraged her to continue to put “books over boys.”

Toya and Eugene are interested in transitioning as well–into their “forever home.”  They have a budget of $2 million, which seems rather excessive considering they are located in Atlanta and just got out of debt! But what do I know?! And while $2 million sounds more than enough for a beautiful new place, Eugene was interested in a larger, more extravagant home.  Toya, however, seems to have learned her lesson, after the many poor financial decisions of their past, and assured her husband that living in a home that was comfortably within their price range was far more preferable to her than having him working longer hours and being too tired to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

In the meantime, all of the ladies were concerned about Quad.  Of course, they knew all about the many rumors about Greg and the other woman in the hotel room, and how it had affected their marriage, but Quad’s been MIA, and they all just wanted to lay eyes on her and have a conversation with her to let her know that they were there for her, and that she was in a judgement-free zone.

Jackie’s been through infidelity in her own marriage, of course, and she and Heavenly thought that perhaps a nice, low key outing that involved just the two of them might lure Quad out of her shell, and what better way to let off steam than a little paintball?  Heavenly planned the whole afternoon for the three of them, but as usual, Quad called at the last minute to cancel.  Heavenly was beginning to take it personally.  After all, it wasn’t as if Quad was just becoming a hermit and avoiding everybody. Based on her social media presence, she was doing plenty of hanging out with her other friends, she was just blowing off her co-stars, and they’d had enough!

Heavenly decided to have the women over for a crab boil, and IF Quad deigned to show up, they were going to sit her down and let her know, once and for all, that they loved her, and that she didn’t need to hide what was going on from them…they just wanted to help see her through it.

Mariah was also hoping to ease the obvious tension Contessa and Toya, who were actively ignoring each other.  When she suggested that they talk, they both said they had “nothing” for the other one, and Contessa told Toya that “eagles don’t fly with chickens,” at which point Toya warned her not to “get it twisted” because she was a “hawk,” and would “eat her.” The two continued with the dirty looks and hot breath for a few more moments before Mariah gave up trying to get them to talk to each other, and the conversation turned back to Quad.

Simone was particularly hurt by Quad’s recent behavior.  The two women had always been close friends, and the fact that Quad wouldn’t even return her phone calls these days was hurtful.  She said Quad needed to choose to be there, or “get lost!”  Contessa tried to explain that maybe Quad just feared the judgement of her closest friends, and the way that talking to those who know you best often forces you to confront truths about your life you simply don’t wish to see, but Simone was unmoved by this logic.  After all, they’d all dealt with issues over the years, but they talked about it with their friends, and they all eventually got through it, so why did Quad always need to act as though her burdens were so much heavier than everyone else’s?!  Simone intended to “keep it 100” with Quad IF and when she arrived, and to prove it, she donned a pair of clear heeled platform shoes with $100 bills inside.

Shockingly, Quad actually showed up, and greeted the women warmly enough, as she joined them at the table, but Simone was not about to play games with her.  She immediately asked what was going on, and why Quad didn’t seem to have time for them anymore.  Heavenly echoed the sentiment, saying that Quad had locked them out.  Toya got in on the act, as well, and implored her to let her guard down and talk to them.

Quad was unreceptive, and Simone just said “whatever,”  and got up and walked away.  Quad burst into tears and ran inside the house.  Contessa felt that she was being attacked, and told her to ignore the other women, particularly Toya, whom she said was “plastic.”  Heavenly tried to defend Toya, and told Contessa not to speak that way about her, but Contessa stood by her opinion.

As Quad was getting ready to leave, Mariah noticed that she’d left her purse sitting on the table, and took it out to her.  Quad told her to put it in the car, and Mariah told her “girl, you better come get this purse,” because I mean, Mariah just doesn’t take orders.  Quad walked over to take her bag, and snatched it rudely from Mariah’s hands.  Mariah started back inside, telling Quad that it was really difficult to even try to be nice to her these days, and that she wished she’d have just let her leave her purse sitting on the table.

For some reason, this really set Quad off, and she came after Mariah, screaming and pointing in her face.  The ladies almost got into a physical altercation before Mariah ultimately cooled down.  She knew Quad’s lashing out had nothing to do with her, and that she was simply hurt and angry at the world, and needed support instead of more yelling.  As Quad tried, once again, to walk away, Mariah went after her, imploring her to talk to her and let her help.

Heavenly also tried to get Quad to calm down and have a discussion about what was going on in her life, but Simone and Toya just couldn’t bring themselves to chase after Quad anymore.  While Heavenly and Mariah sat listening to her, they went ahead and dug into the crabs that almost got away. I’m guessing they are unaware that the crabs fell on the floor and Heavenly failed to rinse them! They’d also had it with Quad’s tantrums and drama.  It seems she wanted to be the center of attention one minute and left alone the next.  It was a tired game, and a childish one at that, and they simply weren’t in the mood to play it.

In the meantime, Heavenly was wishing that Jackie, who had been held up at the hospital, would hurry up and get there.  Her level headed, calming sense of reason was what was needed, and Heavenly was sure things wouldn’t have gone so awry in the first place if she’d been there.  But Quad was still ranting and accusing her friends of being “judgmental,” which if she’s honest with herself, she hasn’t even given them a chance to be.  They’ve been discussing the situation amongst themselves, sure, but that’s only because Quad kept blowing them off, and wouldn’t talk to them about what was happening in her life.

Heavenly was getting pretty frustrated.  She was doing her best to avoid getting angry, but it just became too much.  She yelled at Quad and told her not to ever question their friendship.  They may be harsh sometimes, Heavenly explained, but that was because they loved her, and were like sisters, and would only ever tell the truth.  If she just wanted people to tell her what she wanted to hear, and let her get away with her nonsense, Heavenly told her, she’d better stick with her new friends, because they were always going to be real with her.

Well, viewers, the ladies  were dealing with quite a lot, and they’re only getting started.  When the ladies return next week, they’ll finally get Quad to talk, and she’ll reveal some secrets about her marriage that will leave them reeling! Stay tuned!