Married to Medicine Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll Throw Shade if I Want to!

by Tiffany Brown Comments

Married to Medicine I Don't Talk to Dentists Recap Toya

We’re only two episodes into the new season of Married to Medicine, and the drama and shade have already reached critical status.  We’ve got new rumors of infidelity, couples on the brink of collapse, and through it all, plenty of hot tea to spill.

When we picked up with the couples last night, Heavenly was still reeling from Mariah’s shocking revelations about Dr. Damon.  Mariah claims to know “a lot of people” who have slept with him, but Heavenly is standing by her man. She feels Damon is the best man she’s ever known, and if he’s cheating, surely every man in the world must be cheating. But just to be on the safe side, she broached the subject with him so she could gage his reaction.

And here’s the thing…he hesitated…and stuttered.  It was only for a moment, and it was barely detectable, but it was there.  Once he recovered, Damon said he couldn’t believe Mariah would say something so mean about him, since he’s never been anything but kind to her.  He also wanted to know exactly what she was talking about when she mentioned “receipts.”

Heavenly assured her “daddy” that she trusted him, and that he was only “collateral damage” in Mariah’s quest to hurt her.  The matter was quickly dropped after that, but there’s no way to unring this bell. It’s on Heavenly’s mind now, and clearly the little voice in her head is screaming.

But Heavenly is also on a “spiritual journey,” and she’s making an effort to be a better person, and less quick to anger.  To that end, she made an appointment with Dr. K, an anger management specialist, and self proclaimed “mind doctor.” Heavenly explained to him that she wanted to stop letting other people’s actions dictate her emotions, and that she wanted to stop being so “ugly” to others, especially because she knows in her heart that when people do and say nasty things, it’s usually because they are going through things in their own lives.  Furthermore, she said that she often only seeks to tell the truth, but it gets her in trouble.  Dr. K advised her that “honesty without compassion is brutality.”  This seemed to resonate with Heavenly, and she told Dr. K she was committed to working with him to become a better person.

In the meantime, Dr. Simone and Cecil  were still trying to find common ground in their marriage.  They came close to divorce last season, but have decided to give their marriage another try.  Of course, that might be easier if they lived in the same home together, but Simone simply isn’t ready, and they still often spend their nights in separate residences. Not a good sign.

Simone is shown paying Cecil a visit, and bringing him a sexy surprise, a large picture from the boudoir photo shoot the ladies took part in during the “Leather and Lace” party.  Simone looked stunning in the photo, but Cecil was disappointed.  He said it would have been better if she’d shown up wearing the sexy outfit instead of just hanging a picture. It’s been a “long time” since they’ve been intimate, and he’s beginning to feel frustrated.  But once again, Simone isn’t ready.  She said that she doesn’t feel an emotional connection with Cecil, and until she does, she simply isn’t feeling it.

They’re also in marriage counseling, and Cecil thinks at some point they need to be able to communicate with each other without a third party, but Simone still thinks they have plenty to work on…namely, the fact that Cecil is stubborn, and doesn’t seem to take her opinions and feelings seriously.  Simone said it’s always Cecil’s way or no way, and it contributes to her not feeling loved and cherished in their marriage.  Cecil disagreed, of course, and said that Simone was equally stubborn.  At that, Simone announced she was “sleepy,” and ready to turn in for the night.  Cecil said she’s always “sleepy,”  and Simone agreed, saying that sleepy, headaches, and hair washing were all just code for “you’re not getting any,” and off they went to bed– to sleep.

Across town, Toya was planning her birthday party, but told her party planner that she wanted the event to be a tribute to Dr. Eugene and a celebration of his recent promotion.  She wanted to show him how proud she was of him, and how appreciative she was of all his hard work, and so together, they decided on a medical theme, wherein the men would dress like doctors, and the women like sexy nurses.  It seemed a little sexist, especially considering most of the women are doctors in their own right, and the stereotype of the “sexy nurse” is more than a little archaic, but hey, it’s Toya!

All of the ladies were on board for the party — except one.  Quad has been missing in action, and her friends just aren’t sure of how to help her.  They know that she and Dr. Greg are at a critical crossroads, and they’re all hoping they’ll work it out, but it’s not looking good.  Following the couple’s bombshell announcement during last season’s reunion about Greg spending time with another woman in a hotel room, Quad has retreated from Greg and her girlfriends.  She fears the other women will be judgmental, and recalled the way that some of them seemed to take Greg’s side in their arguments last year, particularly Toya, who said that Quad wasn’t trying to be  ‘her husband’s everything.’

Since that time, more details have emerged about what really happened in that hotel room and Quad had been devastated.  She’s kept her distance, but says the other ladies have barely reached out to her.  Instead, she’s formed a close friendship with her co-hosts on Sister Circle, her daytime talk show.  She often begs off when her cast mates suggest getting together in favor of hanging out with them, and Toya’s party was no different.  She said she had a “prior engagement,” and wouldn’t be able to attend.

Toya was annoyed, but Dr. Eugene and the other women tried to calm her down. They explained that Quad had a lot on her plate and might just need some time before rejoining the group.  Dr. Jackie was particularly empathetic.  She knows all about the pain and humiliation of an affair, after dealing with the fallout form Curtis’ highly publicized affair last year.  She explained that the whispers and pitying looks are difficult to take, especially for strong women like herself and Quad, and said that if they gave Quad her space, she might be more likely to confide in them, and let them help her down the line.

On the evening of the party, the couples showed up in their scrubs and sexy nurse outfits, ready to celebrate Toya and Eugene, but it was clear that some of them had other things on their minds.  Heavenly tried to avoid Mariah but when they came face to face, and were forced to make small talk, Heavenly said she was “scared” to joke with Mariah now, and Mariah said she “should be.”

There was also another no show at the party.  Contessa’s father had come to visit, and wasn’t feeling well, so she decided to stay home with him, and send Dr. Scott in her stead.  When he explained why Contessa wasn’t there, Toya was annoyed all over again.  She was having a party, damn it, and people really needed to put their sick family members and marital crises on the back burner and come celebrate her!

She went to the microphone to make a toast to her husband, and thanked the other women for coming, saying they were her “core,” and that Quad and Contessa must not be her “core” because they didn’t think enough of her to be there. Scott piped up to defend his wife, and said that her father was sick, and she was needed at home.  Toya said she could have, at least, called and let Toya know she wouldn’t be there.  But Scott said no, she actually didn’t need to call.  He’d shown up to the party, and explained why she wasn’t there, and that should be enough.  Besides, he said, it was all about the “hierarchy” of her priorities.  Toya said she had parents too, and they had been sick, but that didn’t stop her from honoring her commitments.

Now keep in mind, all of this is going on in front of the rest of Toya’s guests, and it was getting uncomfortable for everyone — especially Eugene, who just wanted Toya to stop!  But once Heavenly got Contessa on the phone, things got even more awkward.  Toya took the call, with her phone still on speaker and the microphone still in her hand, so that everyone would be sure to hear every word.

Toya, once again, said that she wished Contessa would have called and when Contessa tried to apologize and explain herself, Toya just kept talking over her, and mentioned that, at least, Contessa had come to her and Eugene’s “In the Black” party last year to celebrate paying off their tax debt, but that she had also talked plenty of trash about how much money they’d spent on the expensive venue and red carpet fabulousness.  Then she quickly said goodbye and hung up before Contessa could say another word.

Everyone was pretty shocked.  I mean, who does that?!  Just let it go, already.  It’s not as though Contessa was out with other friends like Quad was (although if that’s how Toya treats her friends, I don’t blame her).  Her father was sick! She was supposed to just leave him at home by himself?!

Dr. Eugene said Toya was “effed up” for putting Contessa on blast (literally), and added that she was also being disrespectful to the guests who had shown up by making such a production out of a single person’s absence.  Dr. Scott was angry, as well.  He felt that Toya was “talking crap” about his wife, and that she needed to air her grievances with her to her face.

The party came to an awkward conclusion at that point, and the show faded to black, but the drama returns next week.  Toya and Contessa will come face to face, and we’ll finally see Quad rejoin the ladies, and find out what that fight was all about.  We got a sneak peek during the premiere, but next week we’ll see the play by play.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!