Married to Medicine Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll Throw Shade if I Want to!

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We’re only two episodes into the new season of Married to Medicine, and the drama and shade have already reached critical status.  We’ve got new rumors of infidelity, couples on the brink of collapse, and through it all, plenty of hot tea to spill. Read more

VIDEO: Watch the Dramatic Married To Medicine Season 6 Trailer: Divorces, Health Scares, and Fights!

Married to Medicine Season 6 Cast Photo

Season Six of Married to Medicine is less than a month away! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. If you watched last season, you know that relationship drama plagued the cast, and based on the trailer, there’s plenty more where that came from. Read more

Married To Medicine Recap: Who Do They Think They Are?

Married to Medicine Ancestry DNA Dday recap

Here’s the thing about Married to MedicineQuad is exhausting! Seriously, this entire season was all about her. And that’s nothing new, of course.  It’s just tired.

Dr. Jackie was the one with the big, life changing event this season. She separated from her husband, Curtis after finding out about his affair, but it was still just Quad, Quad, Quad. Read more

Married to Medicine Star Mariah Huq Reveals Husband Aydin Huq Once Cheated

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This season of Married to Medicine has been one of the most explosive to date, filled with personal revelations about the cast, and their marriages. And based on this clip for tonight’s episode, we’ve only just begun!

As viewers are aware, Dr. Jackie Walters faced a crisis point in her marriage, when it was revealed that her husband, Curtis Berry, had been having an affair. Tonight Mariah Huq will let her know she’s not alone in enduring the sting of a husband’s betrayal. Read more

Married To Medicine Recap: Love Heavenly Style

If there was one take away from last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, it’s that Dr. Jackie’s husband, Curtis has lost his ever loving mind!

Here’s the thing about Curtis…you can tell that in his day, he was “the man”. He’s quite tall, has the gait and swagger of the ex athlete that he is, and the awe shucks grin of a man who’s used to his share of female attention. As you’re undoubtedly aware, Curtis was caught having an affair, after pictures of him with another woman surfaced in the tabloids and gossip blogs. Dr. Jackie promptly told him to leave their home, and the couple have been living apart ever since. Read more

Married to Medicine Recap: Break Down or Break Through?

Married to Medicine Recap

The ladies of Married to Medicine have a lot on their plates these days. Not only are many of them juggling full patient loads and the demands of motherhood and marriage, many of their relationships are on unsteady ground.

When we picked up with the ladies last night, they were still mid-fight, and mid-ruining Contessa’s 90s party.

Dr. Simone had started off trying to explain to Mariah how shady her treatment of Dr. Heavenly had been at her Mothers Day party, and the ladies began taking sides…mostly Dr. Heavenly’s…and a screaming match ensued. Read more