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Nathan Griffith Reveals Jenelle Evans’ Teen Mom 2 Salary During Twitter Rant, Slams Her Husband David Eason

Nathan Griffith Reveals Jenelle Evans' Teen Mom 2 Salary

Nathan Griffith recently went on a Twitter rant against Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, and in his slew of tweets, a number of shocking revelations were made.

As he attempts to gain more time with the son he and Jenelle share, four-year-old Kaiser, Nathan continues to slam the Teen Mom 2 star and her husband as bad parents on Twitter.

“I know I sound crazy but every time I drive up to Myrtle some how a gut feeling makes me think you know. You try to paint me as a bad father but kaiser has been chronically sick for the past year… there’s a problem! Let me see my son and stop playing games!!!” he demanded on September 21.

Nathan then accused Jenelle of putting her children, including her older son Jace, 9, and daughter Ensley, 1, in danger by driving around her North Carolina town, which has been experiencing major flooding due to Hurricane Florence.

“Say the storm is a hoax but then you drive around town in flood water, w/the kids endangering them. Say you have plenty of food but then you get free food,” he alleged.

According to Nathan, Jenelle is pulling in over $300,000 per season of Teen Mom 2 and shouldn’t need any handouts.

“You make over 300 k per season. I could add on but everyone sees that you’re a walking contradiction and a habitual liar,” he continued.

While many suggested Nathan contact Jenelle directly, rather than go on public rants against her, he claimed that wasn’t an option.

“Believe me or not! Unless God stands before me, I will see my son next weekend!” he said. “I wouldn’t make this public but it’s the only way I can get to you.”

Lastly, Nathan took aim at Jenelle’s husband, David, who she married in 2017.

“I had to block David because he’s absolutely unprofessional with his language and you have me block,” he wrote.

Teen Mom 2 season nine is currently in production and expected to air on MTV sometime later this year or early next year.

Photos Credit: Shutterstock, Instagram

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