Is Jeff Lewis’s Show Flipping Out Moving to Netflix? Andy Cohen Addresses the Future of the Show

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Lawsuit against Bravo over Flipping Out

Is Jeff Lewis‘ show Flipping Out moving to Netflix? Following the revelation by Jeff this week that Bravo has chosen not to renew his contract, Jeff has met with executives at Netflix to discuss a possible move to the streaming platform.

Additionally, Bravo’s Andy Cohen is speaking out, stating he isn’t sure he’d renew Flipping Out if it were up to him.

During an episode of his radio show Andy Cohen Live this week, Andy spoke about the drama between Jeff and Bravo TV, and the future of his design show.

After Bravo TV opted against renewing Jeff’s contract with the network, 50,000 fans signed a petition for a 12th season of Flipping Out and many others sent tweets to Andy requesting he allow the show to continue. That said, Andy isn’t the one in charge of renewing the network’s shows.

“Jeff has been carrying on that Bravo is not picking up his show and all this stuff, and I just want to clarify,” Andy told listeners on October 17. “Just so you know, don’t tweet me cause I don’t run Bravo programming anymore.”

Andy then revealed that Jeff’s fate at Bravo is not yet sealed adding that it’s normal for the network to wait until after a season airs to renew a show.

“I think his contact is up after this season. The show hasn’t finished airing and Bravo doesn’t pick up, even with the Housewives of Atlanta or the Housewives of New York or whatever, they pick up the show after that season airs. That’s how it works,” he said. “I don’t think they’ve decided in any direction whether they want to engage him about picking it up or not.”

Andy then dropped a bombshell when he stated there is a possibility Flipping Out might end up on Netflix if Bravo fails to renew it.

“Also, just so you know, if it doesn’t get picked up after this season by Bravo, he had a meeting at Netflix yesterday. He’s desperately trying to get this show on Netflix. It will wind up on Netflix,” revealed Andy. “Like you’re going to get Flipping Out. The show’s going to get picked up. If it’s not on Bravo, then it will be somewhere.”

Andy did note that the show, if moved to Netflix, might be a bit different than what viewers are used to.

“It will be a similar show. It will be a little inferior if it’s somewhere else but it’s okay,” joked Andy.

Andy also stated that he understood Bravo’s position due to Jeff’s recent behavior. As fans will recall, Jeff spoke publicly about his frustrations with Bravo TV prior to the expiration of his contract on October 15.

“If I were in charge of programming at Bravo at this point, would I pick it up? I don’t know. It’s kind of like that Chelsea Handler thing. Remember when Chelsea Handler was just trashing E! everywhere while she was trying to make a deal with Netflix? Why is E! going to want to make a deal with her when she is trashing the network constantly?” shared Andy.

Flipping Out season 11 airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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