Thomas Ravenel Alleges Kathryn Dennis Bought Drugs from Southern Charm Producers & Helped Frame Him for Sexual Assault, Plus More Shocking Accusations as He Tries to Get Full Custody of Kids

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Thomas Ravenel Alleges Kathryn Dennis Bought Drugs from Southern Charm Producers

Thomas Ravenel wants full custody of his two kids, and he’s taking major aim at their mother, Kathryn Dennis.

In new court documents, the former Southern Charm cast member has accused Kathryn of purchasing prescription drugs from producers of the Bravo TV reality series and continuing to drink, despite a stint in rehab years ago.

The Blast shared details of Thomas’ latest filing with readers on January 8.

Kathryn “abuses prescription drugs, is engaged in the use of illegal drugs, and consumes alcohol in combination thereof regularly,” his documents read.  Plus, he continued, Kathryn “has been intoxicated by the abuse of prescription drugs and/or use of illegal drugs while in sole care” of four-year-old Kensington and three-year-old Saint Julien.

According to Thomas, he’s convinced his former girlfriend buys, sells, and even trades prescription drugs to and from “friends, cast members, and show producers to support her prescription drug habit.”

As for why Kathryn is allegedly using prescription drugs, Thomas said she becomes “overwhelmed” after caring for their young children for more than a few days at a time.

She uses “as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress,” he alleged.

She’s also supposedly failing to set up appointments for the kids and sleeping past noon.

Thomas even claimed Kathryn committed a hit and run back at the end of last year but didn’t offer any proof regarding the incident.

In her own court documents requesting primary custody of her children, Kathryn brought up the numerous sexual assault allegations that have been made against Thomas but according to him, Kathryn was well-aware of the allegations before she requested a modification of their custody arrangement.

Thomas went as far as to say Kathryn “condoned and/or encouraged Ms. Ledwell to make false allegations of sexual assault and to file a criminal complaint against him, on the heels of the ‘Me Too’ movement, for purposes of helping Mother gain custody of the parties’ minor children in a subsequent modification action.”

Kathryn went to rehab in 2016 as she lost custody of her two children but in the years since, she’s been awarded joint custody with Thomas.

Now, as he requests a judge award him with custody of his two kids, Thomas claims Kathryn has been putting her fame and ongoing role on Southern Charm ahead of the needs of their children.

Thomas also wants Kathryn to pay child support.

Southern Charm season six is currently in production. Due to his arrest, Thomas will not be included in the new episodes.

Photos Credit: Bravo TV