Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin Slams Kailyn Lowry For Refusing to Have a Relationship With Girlfriend Lauren Comeau, and Kailyn Responds!

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Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin Slams Kailyn Lowry for dissing Lauren Comeau

Javi Marroquin wasn’t too happy to see Kailyn Lowry claiming his girlfriend and baby mama, Lauren Comeau, “doesn’t exist” during Monday night’s premiere of Teen Mom 2 season nine.

Following the episode, during which Lauren attempted to be friendly with Kailyn, Javi spoke out against Kailyn and her refusal to have a co-parenting relationship with Lauren.

“We’re 26, 27 years old,” Javi told Radar Online. “She’s going be in Lincoln’s life. That’s messed up because if you want to go back to Jo and Vee, it was important for her to have that relationship with Vee for Isaac. It’s kind of the same concept. Lauren and I have a baby together. It magnifies the situation.”

“If they could come together and do it for Lincoln that would be great,” he added.

Javi and Kailyn were married for four years and share son Lincoln, 5. Meanwhile, Kailyn also shares son Isaac, 9, with Jo Rivera and Vee Torres, and son Lux Russell, 1, with ex-boyfriendChris Lopez.

On Monday night’s premiere, Kailyn explained to a producer why she didn’t want to have a relationship of any kind with Lauren.

“When Javi and I were fake talking and getting back together, I went through his phone and that was a time where he was talking to me, Briana, and her at one time,” Kailyn said. “She had this paragraph to him and kept calling me a tw*t, five times in one paragraph.”

“I don’t want to be involved with her good terms, bad terms. You don’t exist to me!” she claimed.

“That was when Lauren’s Disney band magically disappeared. That was why Lauren used that word,” Javi explained, referencing Kailyn’s past statements. “It wasn’t months ago when Briana and that whole thing happened. There was a lot more to the situation.”

As for Kailyn, she defended her comments about Lauren in a series of tweets on Monday night.

“Tweeted it before. I don’t have any ill feelings towards Lauren. However, you won’t see me officially meeting her for the first time on camera. I just don’t think that’s natural or genuine,” she wrote.

In another tweet, Kailyn said she was open to meeting Lauren off-camera.

“Listen, she is the mother of Lincoln’s brother. I’ve been through this before and the last thing I’m gona do is be fake for cameras,” she said. “I will meet her on my own time OFF camera first.”

Teen Mom 2 season nine airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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