Katharine McPhee Defends Relationship With Much Older Fiancé David Foster Amid Wedding Planning

by Lindsay Cronin

Katharine McPhee Defends Relationship With Much Older David Foster

Katharine McPhee was forced to defend her relationship with fiancé David Foster over the weekend after a couple of fans had some not-so-nice things to say about their future marriage.

It all went down after Katharine, 34, casually mentioned that she’s in the process of selecting her bridal party for her upcoming wedding to David, 69.

“Picking your bridal party is like a real life Myspace top 8,” she tweeted on Sunday.

After E! News shared a photo of Katharine and David together with a screenshot of her post, a troll took aim at her future marriage by suggesting it wouldn’t last.

“Except MySpace lasted longer than this marriage ever will,” the person wrote.

Quickly, Katharine fired back with a witty comment of her own.

“I’m assuming it also lasted longer than any relationship you ever had with a hairdresser?” she asked.