Cops Called On Southern Charm Star Ashley Jacobs After She Gets Into an Altercation With Her Roommate, Details of Police Report Revealed

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Cops Called On Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs After Altercation with Roommate

Filming might have ended on the upcoming season of Southern Charm, but that doesn’t mean Ashley Jacobs’ life has stopped being a never-ending reality TV show.

The latest with the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel is a police report which shows that cops had to be called on her this week following an altercation with her roommate.

The awesome Beautiful Snarky Mess Instagram page was the first to break the news of Ashley’s feud with her roommate, who we are choosing not to name since they are not associated with the show. Following a disagreement last week, the woman, who had been allowing Ashley to stay with her,  kicked Ashley out of her place. 

Fast forward to February 4, and Ashley decided to return to the home to gather some of her personal belongings, according to the police report which was shared with Reality Blurb by a source.

The roommate told the cops that upon Ashley’s arrival, Ashley became irate and began making false accusations about her to her parents, who happened to be at the home. Ashley allegedly told her roommate’s parents that the roommate had tried to self-harm and was using drugs. This led to a shouting match with the roommate asking Ashley to leave. Ashley, however, refused to leave until the cops were called.

After the cops arrived, the roommate requested a ‘Trespass Notice’ to prevent Ashley from returning to her home. She also told the cops she wanted the restraining order “due to her feeling unsafe” and that she suspected Ashley “would come back to the residence.”

The police officer, from the Mount Pleasant police department, stated in the police report that they called Ashley on the phone to inform her of the trespass notice and that Ashley “stated that she understood” and promised “that she would not return to the residence anymore.” Ashley was then advised that if she needed to get anything from the home, she “would have to call the police department to do a security standby.”

The roommate, however, told police that Ashley “does not have any belongings at the residence anymore” and would, therefore, have no reason to ever return. 

The report also reveals the roommate “stated nothing threatening was said nor [did] anything physical happen between the two parties” during the dispute. 

No further actions were taken by the police after Ashley was informed of the trespass notice.


Ashley is said to have reportedly gone to stay with Thomas, according to the Tamara Tattles site, following her night of drama. 

As reported, Ashley will be returning to Southern Charm next season after filming a couple of scenes with the cast. She, however, did not receive the warmest welcome and was reportedly thrown out of Patricia Altschul’s finale party by security last month.

As for Thomas, who is currently involved in a legal dispute with Bravo, he will not be returning next season.

The Bravo network has yet to announce when the new season will premiere. 

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