Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Calls Out Ex Gage Edward for Dating a ‘Homewrecker’ After Their Split

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Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Calls Out Ex Gage for Dating ‘Homewrecker’ After Split

Things between Jeff Lewis and his ex-partner, Gage Edward, are getting messy.

One week after the Flipping Out star confirmed he and Gage had split, and that Gage had moved out of the home they previously shared, Jeff revealed on his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, that he recently learned Gage had quickly moved on from their ten-year relationship.

“As you know, Gage and I, my partner of 10 years, we split up on Wednesday and he went to a hotel room. He has since rented an apartment. He’s moving into the new apartment today, which is a sexy swanky bachelor pad in Hollywood,” Jeff told his listeners on February 5.

Jeff then went into details about discovering Gage went out on a date, and according to him, Gage’s date took place at the Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where paparazzi are often waiting.

“We’ve been getting along pretty well until I found out that he went out on a date Saturday night,” said Jeff. “So he really kept it on the down low. We want to make sure nobody sees us at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. That is some place you would be photographed and it’s a very crowded restaurant. That number one is a big f*cking misstep… I asked him if he had paid for the date and he did.”

Jeff went on to reveal that he actually knows this man who went on the date with Gage, and referred to him as a ‘Homewrecker.’

“I know who the person is. I personally don’t think that they just met. Well, I know that they didn’t just meet,” explained Jeff. “I don’t feel good about this at all. He started therapy on Wednesday and I asked him, what does your therapist think about you dating? The therapist said that it’s good for him to ‘information gather.'”

“I wonder if he was honest with the therapist and explained his history with this person,” continued Jeff. “He met him at the gym… I will not say his name. I think just for today, we’ll call him ‘Homewrecker.'”

According to Jeff, he suspects this man might have encouraged Gage to end their relationship.

“Homewrecker, I think, has been in his ear for quite sometime. I think Homewrecker has exploited a very vulnerable situation,” he explained. “I think this started off as a gym buddy friend and I think this person has had his sights on Gage for quite sometime. I think he was very aware of what was happening. I don’t think he’s concerned about breaking up a family, or jeopardizing Gage’s career or financial situation… I doubt this person’s intentions [and] we’ll just leave it at that.”

Jeff also opened up about the “pain” of the split in addition to the news of Gage’s new romance, admitting to crying a lot, even in public. He however added that he’s decided to re-enter the dating pool as well. 

“Because I was in my bad space on Sunday, I decided, ‘Well, maybe it’s time for me to start dating.’ So I started dabbling in the online dating world and I met someone who was kind of interesting,” he shared. “We started talking, we exchanged pictures and we started texting fast and furiously. And that went on like throughout the day. And we have a lot in common, seems like a busy guy, a professional. So he now says, ‘Hey, I want to meet up with you. Let’s meet up for a drink.'”

On the surface, Jeff appeared to make an instant love match but after his potential new flame learned he shared a two-year-old daughter, Monroe, with ex Gage, he bowed out.


At the end of last year, Jeff revealed that after 11 seasons of Flipping Out, Bravo TV had opted against renewing his contract for a 12th season. Weeks later, rumors began swirling in regards to the show’s potential move to Netflix but at this point, a future season of the home design show is yet to be confirmed.

Jeff’s radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, airs every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 11/10c on Sirius XM Radio Andy.

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