RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Suggests Lisa Vanderpump Plotted to Reveal ‘Dog’ Storyline, Addresses Dorit Kemsley Drama

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RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp Suggests Lisa Vanderpump Plotted to Reveal 'Dog' Storyline

Teddi Mellencamp is speaking out about the dog drama involving Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley.

Following Tuesday’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which gave fans their first look at the drama surrounding who it was who leaked a story about Dorit’s dog to press, Teddi took to her Bravo TV blog, where she suggested Lisa had plotted the storyline for the show.

“When Kyle and I arrived at Vanderpump Dogs, the only people who knew what happened were Lisa, Ken, Dorit, PK, the Vanderpump Dogs employees, and myself,” Teddi explained of the episode, also confirming her visit to Vanderpump Dogs took place before the story was leaked to the media.

According to Teddi, she was informed about what had happened with Dorit’s dog prior to arriving at Vanderpump Dogs by one of the facility’s employees. However, she and the employee, a man named John Blizzard, were not close friends and didn’t speak regularly. Instead, they simply crossed paths from time to time as Teddi continued to support Lisa’s rescue center and the events they’ve hosted.

“So, I don’t know why it would behoove Lisa to exaggerate like that to Dorit. Oh wait, I do, but now is not the time for that,” Teddi teased.

As fans have likely heard, Lisa was accused of leaking a story which suggested Dorit had given a dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs to an animal shelter. However, after the story was shared, she spoke to TMZ and claimed her relationship with Dorit was just fine. Then, it was revealed that Dorit had actually been forced to give the dog to a friend after it began nipping at her children and her husband and ultimately, the woman she gave it to turned it into a shelter.

Since the drama took place, Lisa has been completely estranged from her co-stars.

“John Sessa was the other John there that day. You probably recognized him. He has been Lisa’s right hand at Vanderpump Dogs from the get-go. And as Lisa says, he works for them,” Teddi revealed.

“So not only is it weird that, if Lisa didn’t want it brought up at all, knowing we were filming that day, he would bring the dog out, but there’s easily a moment when he’s grabbing Lucy Lucy off the ground that it’s just him and Vanderpump and she could have told him ‘Absolutely not,'” she pointed out.

As fans saw last night, Lisa eventually told John to stop talking about the issue but, as Teddi explained, he seemed confused about why he needed to stay silent about what had happened with Dorit’s dog.

“He seemed confused, right?” Teddi asked. “It’s like Lisa Vanderpump is saying one thing but means another. Kinda like how we see her lunch with Dorit, and she says she’s fine but then isn’t. Strange.”

Teddi also calls out Lisa for falsely claiming not to have spoken to her at an event when in fact, they had spoken.

“It’s also odd how she says she’s sorry she didn’t speak to me at the Daily Mail TomTom even when she did–we even filmed a scene together,” concluded Teddi.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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