Teen Mom OG’s Cheyenne Floyd Reacts to Cory Wharton’s New Girlfriend, Plus Cory Cries Over Being Labeled a ‘Bad Dad’ After Daughter’s Hospitalization

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Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne Floyd Reacts to Cory Wharton's New Girlfriend

Cory Wharton‘s daughter, Ryder, was hospitalized during his vacation with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge and because he wasn’t at her side throughout the ordeal, he’s faced tons of backlash from critical social media users. Also, Cheyenne Floyd is reacting to Cory’s new girlfriend.

First, Cheyenne is reacting to the Teen Mom OG dad going public with his new girlfriend Taylor. In a statement to Us Weekly, Cheyenne makes it clear that she is not upset over her ex’s new relationship.

“Everyone’s been asking me about Cory and his new relationship and if I’m devastated. There’s even stories claiming I’m heartbroken. It’s actually much to the contrary,” Cheyenne, 26, revealed. “I’m happy for him if he’s happy, and I’m definitely NOT devastated.”

In fact, Cheyenne reveals she is also dating as well.

“I’ve got some news of my own in that department,” she shared. “I’m dating someone and am super happy with them.”

Moving on to the drama involving Cory, which all started when his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne, took to her Instagram page to share news of Ryder’s illness.

“Emotionally and physically exhausted.. my baby has been pricked and poked going on day 3 at the hospital with an 103 fever [and] flu. It has been some of our longest nights together and all I can do is pray,” Cheyenne wrote. “Situations like these always make you snap back into reality and puts so many things into perspective. Ryder, once again you have taught mommy another lesson.”

After a number of Instagram users weighed in on the situation in the comments section, slamming Cory for not being there for his daughter, the reality star, who embarked on a romantic getaway with his girlfriend in O’Tulum several days ago, reacted to the backlash with a live post on Instagram.

“You can come for me, but don’t come for me as a dad, don’t. Ryder is, she means everything,” he said with tears in his eyes, via OK! Magazine. “I’m doing everything I can to get home. For ya’ll to come for me as a dad! It hurt. I can’t be there for Ryder. So Ryder got sick when we came down to Mexico, I was like, ‘Alright Cheyenne keep me up to date.’ She was like, ‘Well, it’s not getting any better.’ And I’m like ‘Ah s**t alright.’ Yesterday was the real day she was like, ‘You know what, you need to come home. I need you here.’ I was like ‘Alright.’ So I hopped on the first flight that I could man and I’m coming home.”

Hours later, Cory confirmed he was back home in Los Angeles and headed to be with his daughter.

“Just landed RYDER HERE I COME,” he tweeted.

Teen Mom OG will return for a new season later this year.

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