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REPORT: Friends of Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Boyfriend Dennis Shields Are ‘Disgusted’ With Coverage of His Death on RHONY

Friends of Bethenny Frankel's Ex-Boyfriend Dennis Shields 'Disgusted' with Coverage of His Death on RHONY

Friends of Bethenny Frankel's Ex-Boyfriend Dennis Shields 'Disgusted' with Coverage of His Death on RHONY

Bethenny Frankel invited a grief counselor into her home during Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, where she opened up about the guilt she experienced after Dennis Shields suddenly passed away.

Bethenny, 48, shared that she had broken up with Dennis just a week prior to his accidental overdose, adding that she felt guilty about not being able to get off the ride of their on-again and off-again relationship.

While viewers may have appreciated her opening up about her relationship with Dennis, it appears that some of his friends are less than thrilled about the scene.

“It made me want to throw up,” a source told Radar Online about Bethenny’s decision to open up about Dennis’ death and his funeral.

Bethenny told the grief counselor that she didn’t fit into the funeral, as she didn’t feel she had an identity there. She wasn’t a family member and she wasn’t the girlfriend anymore.

The report also states that Dennis’ friends find the overall coverage of his passing on RHONY  “pretty disgusting.”

This comes after Bethenny’s co-star Ramona Singer issued a public apology after making a comment about Dennis being “on drugs” during an earlier episode this season. As reported, Dennis passed away last year from a suspected prescription drug overdose

The upside in this is that Dennis’ friend believes he probably wouldn’t be bothered by the coverage of his death and funeral if he knew about it, adding that Dennis “was super easy going.”

Dennis’ estranged wife, Jill Shields, and children have yet to comment about Bethenny’s decision to speak out about him on The Real Housewives of New York City. When Dennis and Bethenny were dating, she called one of his children during the reunion special, revealing that they were indeed super close. It was also one of his children that called Bethenny with the news that he had passed away on August 10, 2018.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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  1. I doubt Dennis ashed her to marry him considering he was still married. I also doubt Dennis bought her that huge engagement ring, she probably bought it and it is a CZ! One minute she is crying about their “love story” and the next she said he had to die for her to escape him. She is just a crazy woman who is in constant need of attention.

    1. I also doubt he asked Bryn to get married to him…as FrankenJaw put it..co-engaged. Crock of chit. Bitch needs to shut her gob, put a gag in it and be happy with her current boyfriend. Let the dead rest in peace.

      1. No way he bought a ring for Bryn either, Jason would have made an issue of it. She is a sick in the head person who actually believes what she says! I don’t think they were even dating anymore. She said someone told her Dennis fell and hit his head the day before on a boat,,,if they were together wouldn’t she have already known something like that? Pfffft, she lies!

  2. So, it’s okay for his “friends” to speak to Radar and they know Dennis would have no problem with it so why are they talking? Opinions are like anuses. Everybody has one.

    1. Actually yes. His “friends” are also apparently “friends” with Dennis & his family, unlike B, they aren’t ex-mistresses.
      These “friends” would not have been asked for comments or felt compelled to comment if B had not involved (pimped) what should be a private situation into her storyline.
      FACT: B & D were no longer having an affair.

      1. How do you know they aren’t “ex-mistresses”? They don’t give their names, do they? Dennis’ family had no problem with Bethenny and Dennis’ relationship. They’re the only ones who matter.

      2. Dennis’ friends might be friends with both the ex-wife and the girl-friend of recent years. or neither of them. ex-wife, children. friends, on and off fiance should all only speak for themselves or not at all.

        1. Bethenny is speaking for herself. She’s on a reality show. People bitch if you don’t have “a story line” whatever that means. People bitch if you don’t share all parts of your life. Can’t win with some people.

          1. She’s a liar who will do anything, use anyone for more press. Not one word from her is credible due to her constant lies.

          2. Bethenny is duplicitous and will say and do anything for personal gain.
            Remember the Reunion a few years ago when LuAnn questioned B’s affair with a married man (Dennis) and B aggressively got into Lu’s space (face) pointed her finger and screamed at the top of her lungs “you’re a f’n liar!”? Sure you do. And guess what? Lu wasn’t lying, Dennis was still married…& remained married. So, who’s the liar?

    2. Precisely. It’s ridiculous. If Jill was ever upset about Bethenny being in his life, why would she (Jill) have continued a close friendship with Dennis over the years while she was in a serious relationship herself? Jill wasn’t sitting around pining away for Dennis to return – they had each moved on in other long-term romantic relationships. Dennis and Jill clearly figured out how to remain family while living separate lives. How blessed their children are to have had that when divorces can be so ugly.

      1. Apparently so many people think they know more than they do. It’s quite ridiculous. The only people who matter are Dennis’ family and Bethenny. I’m sure if she’d not mentioned him, people would be bitching about that.

  3. I share the friends’ disgust about Barfenny’s use of Dennis’ passing as a “one death fits all” SL. This week, she told the “grief counselor delivery serviceman” that she broke up with Dennis. She got to shed a few tears for HERSELF and get affirmations on demand from the grief cheerleader. Last week, she sported an engagement ring making its debut as she grieved being Dennis’ “would-be widow” if only he hadn’t died. In one breath, he was her everything. In her next breath, she couldn’t dump him fast enough & has moved on with Mr. Boston. Maybe, easy going Dennis wouldn’t have minded being used as Bitchenny’s SL. Who knows? Nobody can conjure him up and ask. We need to contact Alison Dubois for a reading.

  4. I bet his friends are disgusted. I’m disgusted with Bethenny’s grotesque exploitation of Dennis death and I didn’t know him. Bethenny is sick sick sick.

  5. I see a woman in the throes of grief. Big time. I think MOST VIEWERS see it thatcway as well. The relationship was messy at the end. So? Life is messy. She still is grieving and hurting and her expression of emotions will be muddled and all over the map. That is normal. I feel for her. She was hurting. I hope she’s doing better. And I’m not a huge Bethany fan either, sometimes she’s amazing and sometimes she’s not. Again, so? She’s facinating to watch and has been funny in her talking heads through out the years.

  6. Bethenny has no decency. There is no amount of money that can fix her damaged goods.
    I am not going to elaborate on Dennis Shields… because… I want him to Rest In Peace.
    I truly feel sorry for her daughter Bryn.
    Enough Said…

  7. It’s okay that BF mention a loss in her life. The whole BS about their “engagement” though? It’s disgusting. They weren’t engaged. He was still married & had made no moves to end his marriage. She moved on with her current (and former during her off time with Dennis) BF within a month of his death. Yes, I can see where his friends would be (more than a little) annoyed.

  8. What viewers have enjoyed her talking about this?! Most I know think she is turned his death into the Bethenny show and is lying like rug about majority of this mess. First she’s the grieving girlfriend, then she’s the grieving fiancé, then she doesn’t have e place at the funeral bc they weren’t together, then she doesn’t know if she can date, then she’s flying up to meet the guy she’s been dating, it’s disgusting to say the least and videoing a therapy session for a tv show totally degraded and devalues the point of therapy. She is disgusting.

      1. the exact opposite. she knew him for 30 years as friends so that alone was serious enough reason to go there. he on the other hand told multiple times publicly that Bethenny was the love of his life. the first spouse isn’t always or often the greatest love. after hearing the cause of his death everything in Bethenny’s previous behaviour made sense. like she said she did not want to marry him if he did not solve some serious issues first.

  9. Bethenny actually thinks her breaking up with Dennis had something to do with his death. Yeah sweetie you ain’t that great or important enough. Sit down and eat something.

    1. She can eat something, throw it up…and eat it again. Just like most HW’s she is a rinse and repeat.

  10. Dennis had a wife. She was not an ex-wife. She is a widow. She made one public statement requesting privacy and has remained silent except for a written announcement of the establishment of a foundation in his memory.

    1. Technically, yes. Jill was Dennis’ estranged wife. She and Dennis were living separate lives and Jill’s long-term boyfriend was even by her side through Dennis’ funeral. They had found a way to remain close friends after their separation and often socialized together but each had moved on to other relationships. They weren’t attempting to reconcile their marriage. Sometimes, it makes sense to remain legally married (complicated financial investments or businesses) while admitting to each other that the marriage is over emotionally.

      1. There is no technical. She was his wife & now his widow. Bethenny lied to the grief therapist by referring to his wife as his ex-wife thus giving a completely false characterization of the situation. I hope that’s the last we hear of B’s grief.

      2. they may have ended to that solution also because of religion, since religion was the reason autopsy was not made. the thing I can’t understand is since he repeatedly proposed to Bethenny, would he finally have gone through divorce because of her ?

        1. I hadn’t even considered religious reasons for not officially divorcing – very possible. Great perspective!

  11. How disgusting can Bethenny be, she’s at his funeral and all she can say is she felt she didn’t have an identity there. Always about Bethenny.

  12. Ridiculous – Dennis was Bethenny’s rock for years….and she for him as well. Of course she was devastated. Nothing she said in her grief counseling besmirched his life. Her saying she was on a rollercoaster being in a romantic relationship with him was actually confirmed by Dennis in a interview shortly before his death when he explained that they weren’t together any longer after being on/off for years. I found the airing of that counseling session to be an important message that it’s okay to reach out for mental health help when you’re struggling. She didn’t complain that there was no place/role for her at the funeral – she mentioned that because she had difficulty reconciling her extreme grief with the fact that she was no longer his partner. If Dennis’ “friends” thought she was drawing attention from it, why reach out to tabloids to perpetuate that attention?

    1. if these “friends” were his true and actual friends they would respect the woman he loved. she does not have to follow their rules in life nor behave the way they find acceptable. she was still the love of Dennis’ life and if they themselves respected him then they should do it unconditionally.

      1. I don’t believe for a second Bethenny was the love of his life. If so, then why was he still married with no intentions of divorcing.

        1. he said it publicly more than once. praised her on national tv. you can find all this in the net if did not see or read it earlier. his wife also had a long term boyfriend so most likely the reason they did not officially divorce (before the other would actually get remarried) was the same as why autopsy was not made ; religious.

    2. I don’t buy the “Dennis was BF’s friend for years” scenario. When she started dating him a couple of years ago, she stated that she hadn’t seen him for decades. She was friendly with his wife, Jill, in high school. BF also LIED when they started to date, by claiming “I’m not dating him. We’re just friends going out for dinner.” She’s an exaggerator and a LIAR (by omission). If he was so important in her life, she would have mentioned his name or shown his face prior to a couple of years ago.

      1. I get it, Medusa. You don’t like her. I’m just a little more fluid with how I criticize others relationships. Whatever their world was, it worked for Dennis, it worked for Bethenny, it worked for the children and even worked for Dennis’ estranged wife since she’d been dating the same guy for over a year at the time of Dennis’ unfortunate death.

        It’s okay that we disagree – hive mind is boring! Sharing other perspectives is so valuable – it allows us to take a pause to consider a different point of view.

        1. I agree with you that it’s fine to have a difference of opinion. However, based on BFrankelstein’s own words (because we never heard directly from Dennis obviously), the “relationship” didn’t work for Dennis or Barfenny. Last season, she stated that he was in a time out for 90 days. Plus, it’s been revealed that she was dating someone else last year & at the time of his death.

  13. The more she talks about it, the worse she makes herself look. He’s not around to dispute what she’s saying while she tries to make it appear he was so much in love with her, but her not so much him. Yet, she pulls out the “Dennis would want me to…” on every questionable decision she makes regarding moving on. It’s really pathetic.

  14. I am almost sure that I had read about a week ago that Bethany said they were secretly engaged at the time of his death. How can you be engaged yet broken up?

  15. I’m thinking time’s up pretty much for the Housewives franchises, seriously. Get all new women or cancel.

  16. Dennis was legally married and there is no evidence he was going to change that. I cn’t help but wonder how many others thought he was the love of their life, too.

  17. She hit a new low with that episode mentioning Dennis and his sudden death. She is so self-centered she even has to make someone else’s death all about HER. There was a hint of wondering whether this man had a drug issue but with her statements, she’s pretty much come right out and said it. With that attitude she didn’t have any right to attend his funeral and I’m pretty sure she will now be shut out of his family and friends. The fact that Bravo felt it compelling to have her grief counselor come to her apartment (aren’t we rich and entitled) to hash out her ‘feelings’ is pretty disgusting. Wondering how long poor dead Dennis will have to be on this shit show posthumously. Does his Estate get paid for h!aving Bethany reduce his memory to trash?? Bitch!

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