PHOTOS: Don’t Be Tardy’s Brielle Biermann Poses In Racy Thong Lingerie to Match Her New Pink Hair, Plus Mom Kim Zolciak Claps Back at Haters!

by Lindsay Cronin

PHOTOS: Don't Be Tardy's Brielle Biermann Poses In Racy Lingerie to Match Her New Pink Hair, Mom Kim Zolciak Claps Back at Haters!

Brielle Biermann dyed her hair hot pink on Tuesday, May 21 and a short time later, she shared a series of photos of herself wearing red lingerie to match.

Around the time she debuted her new hair in an Instagram video, the Don’t Be Tardy cast member shared racy images of herself flaunting her hot pink locks, and her curves, in a matching bra and thong.

First, Brielle, 22, showed off her new pink hair in the car.

“Dyed my hair to match my shoes… Comment & tell me if I should keep it or go back blonde!” she wrote.

And then in a series of video clips shared on her Instagram Stories, Brielle wore racy lingerie and was seen from the front, the side, and behind.

Don't Be Tardy Brielle Biermann Poses In Red Bra And Thong

Brielle Biermann poses in racy lingerie

Following Brielle’s posts, her mother, former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kim Zolciak, came to her defense after seeing that many members of her online audience were saying negative things about her look.

“I’m really glad I raised some strong girls, BUT as strong as they are your low life degrading rude comments affect them,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “It hurts them more than anything because YOU DONT KNOW THEM NOR HAVE EVER MET THEM!! You want what they have.. and I don’t mean their beauty I mean their HEART! You can’t buy that, you can’t fake that and you can’t DENY IT!”

Kim added: “Take your sorry a** off social media you are ONLY creating more negativity! We live everyday with LOVE! We help as many people as we can, we give as much as we can and you should channel your negativity into positivity! This world would be a better place. Try it you might be surprised how your own life changes!“

Don't Be Tardy Kim Zolciak Claps Back At Brielle Biermann Haters

Don’t Be Tardy wrapped its seventh season last month and has yet to be officially renewed for an eighth season.