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Southern Charm

Ashley Jacobs’ Former Roommate Gives Kathryn Dennis Ashley’s Text Messages for Custody Case, What Do the Texts Say? Plus Ashley Reacts

Ashley Jacobs' Former Roommate Gives Kathryn Dennis Ashley's Text Messages for Custody Case, What Do the Texts Say? Plus Ashley Reacts

Ashley Jacobs‘ former roommate is offering support to Kathryn Dennis amid the Southern Charm star’s custody battle with her and Ashley’s mutual ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel.

According to a new report, Lara, whose last name we are retracting, lived with Ashley from September 2018 until January 2019 and submitted an affidavit explaining her experience with Ashley and included a number of damning text messages sent between her and Ashley.

In court documents obtained by The Blast on June 19, Lara accused Thomas of having a drinking problem and said Ashley agreed. She also claimed Thomas relied heavily on his nanny to care for his two kids, five-year-old Kensington and three-year-old Saint Julien, and alleged he was once so drunk that he was unable to read the children a book.

“Whenever she [Ashley] and Thomas would break up, she’d always tell me the truth about what had been occurring over at his house. She always talked about his alcoholism and the fact that she was tired of taking care of his children,” Lara explained.

Lara even took aim at Ashley, claiming she has a horrible temper and is “extremely vindictive,” before exposing a number of their private texts, which can be seen below.

“It turns out his life is just too complicated. It’s not going to work out. Don’t want to deal with kids that aren’t mine and all the alcoholism.”

“It’s creating a bad habit though. At some point she needs to learn to go to sleep on her own. I feel for you. Kathryn does that with Kensie and it’s so hard for Thomas to transition Kesie back into her own room but he does it.”

“I told him I’d help him with the kids [because] the nanny’s mom is in the hospital. Picking up kids at 4 then grabbing a bite with them.”

“I’m stealing T’s drugs lol.”

Lara and Ashley have quite a history as just in February, Lara called the cops on Ashley following a verbal dispute.

Following the release of the text messages, Ashley was understandably upset and accused her former roommate of acting out of revenge.

“[Lara] is a pill popper and she did this out of pure revenge,” Ashley alleged in a statement to The Blast. “[Lara] is simply mad at me because I moved out of her house due to the fact that I caught her stealing from me and that she is a pathological liar… [It] makes sense her and Kathryn would team up they are both mentally ill. She is one of the main reasons I left South Carolina.”

As Kathryn and Thomas’ custody battle continues, Kathryn has added Lara’s affidavit to her case in hopes of being awarded with full custody of Kensington and Saint Julien.

Southern Charm season six airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Instarimages, Bravo.


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