Thomas Ravenel’s Ex-Girlfriend Supports Kathryn Dennis in Custody Case of Southern Charm Exes

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Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Gets Support From Thomas Ravenel's Ex-Girlfriend in Custody Case

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is getting support from an unlikely source in her legal battle against Thomas Ravenel.

A former girlfriend of Thomas’ is stepping forward, saying that she had some uncomfortable moments with Thomas and wants to support Kathryn in her legal fight against him over child custody.

Her name is Luzanne Otte and she says she dated Thomas in 2017 after he broke things off with Kathryn. She has filed an affidavit in court where she shares information that could be helpful to Kathryn.

The Blast is reporting that Luzanne claims Thomas constantly talked about Kathryn doing drugs, and she alleges that Thomas once said that he “would be better off if she overdosed.” The hurt doesn’t stop there, as Luzanne claims that Thomas also wished death upon Kathryn’s mother, who had breast cancer.

“Each of the days I was in Charleston, Thomas would drink alcohol at night. He had prescriptions for Adderall, Cialis and a sedative in his bathroom,” Luzanne alleges in her affidavit. “Each night, Thomas would become impaired and his mood would quickly turn aggressive. I do not know if it was from drinking too much or whether he had an extreme reaction to alcohol combined with whatever medication he was taking.”

But it wasn’t all about Kathryn, as Luzanne also claims that Thomas questioned her. He accused her of having sex with his neighbor, which made her feel like she was in the twilight zone.

Luzanne broke up with Thomas, but it didn’t take long for both him and Ashley Jacobs to start allegedly harassing her. Ashley is already involved in the custody drama, as Kathryn has asked a judge to prohibit Ashley from posting photos of Kathryn’s two kids on social media.

The affidavit doesn’t outline what harassment Ashley reportedly did. But Luzanne does point out that she has nothing to gain from offering Kathryn this help.

“I have absolutely nothing to gain from providing this affidavit. If patterns hold, doing so will serve to exacerbate existing harassment. However, in light of the depraved statements that Thomas made about Kathryn Dennis and her Mother, I feel morally obligated to share the information,” she stated.

Kathryn and Thomas have been fighting it out in court with Thomas requesting child support from Kathryn, claiming she makes over six figures a year. Kathryn wants custody of her two kids with Thomas after he was arrested and accused of sexual assault. He was reportedly fired from Southern Charm after his arrest, but he would later sue Bravo, demanding a judge stop them from broadcasting unaired footage regarding his custody battle.

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