How Does Kyle Richards Feel About Being Called “Queen” of the RHOBH Following Lisa Vanderpump’s Exit?

by Alyson Shepard Comments

How Does Kyle Richards Feel About Being Called "Queen" of the RHOBH Following Lisa Vanderpump's Exit?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has been crowned the new reigning Queen of Beverly Hills! But is she loving her new title following the exit of Lisa Vanderpump?

While this title may not indicate official royalty, the OG Beverly Hills housewife is reportedly taking the role somewhat seriously. In last week’s first installment of season nine’s reunion episode, Erika Jayne named Kyle “Queen of Beverly Hills” upon hearing the news that Lisa quit the show and wasn’t making an appearance at the reunion. 

While being named queen comes with a lot of responsibility, the 50-year-old mother of four isn’t really sweating it. A source close to the former child actress-turned royalty told Hollywood Life, “Kyle is really enjoying being called the ‘queen’ now that Lisa is no longer on the RHOBH.” 

The source even went on to say the housewife has found a “new confidence” as they enter into a new season of filming.

But just because Kyle is the new leader of the botox-loving Beverly Hills pack, it doesn’t mean she’s forgotten what she used to have with her ex-bestie. This is made clear in the most recent reunion trailer where Kyle appears visibly upset as she talks about her and Lisa’s broken friendship. The same source also revealed that Kyle was “disappointed” that the restaurant mogul didn’t show face at the reunion to hash things out.

“She does feel like their friendship will eventually rekindle itself once Lisa’s been gone from the housewives for a while and they can hopefully be civil and even friends again,” the source admitted.

As for former housewife and “de-throned queen” Lisa, there are no hard feelings since this isn’t real royalty, after all. However, the Vanderpump Dogs owner does have one regret, according to an interview she gave Entertainment Tonight.

“What I regret is the fact that my exit wasn’t as positive as some of the wonderful moments I’ve had on the show,” said Lisa last week. “But sometimes it’s just what life throws at you, isn’t it?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion continues tonight, July 23 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV. 

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