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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer Clarifies the Racial Comment She Made at the RHOBH Reunion and Calls Out Denise Richards for Asking Her to Lunch After Blasting Her on Twitter

Camille Grammer Clarifies the Comment She Made About Race at RHOBH Reunion and Calls Out Denise Richards for Asking Her to Lunch After Suggesting She Made Racist Comments

Camille Grammer is attempting to clarify the comment she made about race at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, that was never aired, as she is also calling out Denise Richards on Twitter.

After Denise suggested Camille had made racist comments at the RHOBH reunion, and also stated that she seemed to be “on something” during the taping, Camille took to Twitter. There, she revealed Denise recently asked her to lunch and also clarified what she actually said at the reunion taping.

Following a tweet from Denise that claimed Bravo TV had opted against airing one of Camille’s comments, which was quite offensive to her due to the fact that her adopted daughter Eloise‘s father is African-American, Camille expressed confusion.

“You tweet this and start a firestorm here on twitter then you ask to me lunch this week? I’m confused,” Camille tweeted.

After Camille denied she was racist, one RHOBH fan tweeted her and said that she didn’t believe Camille actually said anything offensive. The fan suggested Denise made up the claim because she doesn’t like Camille.

“Lol I don’t think that actually happened. She does not like you…like at all,” the fan wrote. 

“Well that was pretty evident during the reunion she didn’t like me,” Camille agreed.

Last month, Us Weekly reported that Camille had a “particularly bad moment” during the reunion taping when she made a statement about her race.

“She said, ‘Do you want me to be sorry because I’m a white woman?’ The other women were like, ‘Camille, do you know what you are saying? That’s not OK,’” a source alleged at the time. 

And today, in a third tweet, Camille attempted to clarify the comment that Denise deemed as racially insensitive.

“[A] man came up to me on the street and yelled that he [would] never marry a white women. I walked away. I told the ladies this story,” explained Camille on August 5. “I tried to describe what he look like and they have twisted the story calling me a racist.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 is expected to begin production in the coming months.

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