The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap: Camille Has a Breakdown and Kyle Cries Over the End of Her Friendship With Lisa

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap: Camille Grammer Has a Breakdown and Kyle Cries Over End of Friendship With Lisa

It has been a whole week since the second installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired, and we’ve been waiting on the edges of our seats to see if the women would ever stop arguing. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Part three of the RHOBH reunion picks up right where we left off, with Camille Grammer having run offstage, insisting the entire show was a “set-up” just to make her look bad. Of course, no one seems to know what the heck Camille is talking about, most of all, reunion host, Andy Cohen.

As the newbie housewife, Denise Richards says to the other ladies, “Is she on something?”Andy chases a crying Camille backstage to find out what exactly she’s so upset about and why she stormed offstage. As Camille is getting out of her sparkly, strapless number in her dressing room, Andy approaches her asking what the set-up was that she’s been referring to.

Camille, visibly upset by the whole thing, explains that Denise did in fact say she cursed at her kids. We then see a playback of an unseen moment where Denise joking tells the housewives she “screams her God*** head off” at her kids and doesn’t even feel bad about it. They all laugh, including Camille. Then Camille tells Andy they all are trying to make her look like a bad person. Andy still isn’t understanding.

Camille then goes on to explain that Denise told her to lie to her daughter after she claimed Teddi Mellencamp had snubbed her at the airport a while back, which we witnessed arguments about at the end of the season. “And she told me to tell my daughter she was lying about the things…something.” At this point, Camille can’t even make complete sentences, she’s so mad and emotional. Bravo then shows a playback of the night when Denise allegedly told Camille to lie to her daughter, and she doesn’t say that at all. What Denise actually said was that Camille should comfort her daughter despite if that’s what happened or not.

Camille, still throwing a fit backstage, tells Andy how nasty the girls were about her wedding. A desperate Andy defends the other women and says they weren’t nasty about her wedding. “Andy,” cries Camille, “they said the best part about the wedding was leaving it.” Then, they cut to a clip from the RHOBH After Show where Teddi and Kyle Richards reflect on the wedding. Kyle asks Teddi what the best part of the wedding was, and Teddi laughs and says, “The departure.”

It’s clear now that the root of Camille’s anger, at least at the reunion, is that the women made fun of her important day and it really hurt her feelings. Then, the emotionally distraught housewife complains that she’s tired of being forced to join the Lisa Vanderpump “hate train.” Camille says that Lisa was always kind to her and she actually misses her.

We then cut to the other six housewives, who are sitting around waiting on the couches for Andy to come back. Kyle explains that the reason Camille is so adamant about not joining the “Lisa hate train” is because she’s getting fed everything off Twitter. “She’s looking to Twitter and going, ‘Okay, people think Dorit [Kemsley]‘s not genuine, so I’ll say that and people feel like Lisa’s been ganged up on so I’m not gonna be part of the hate train because if I say all this stuff people will agree with me and like me.'” Kyle goes on to say that what Camille’s doing is, once again, not genuine.

Okay, we’re back in the hallway backstage again (man, this thing is like watching a tennis match). Andy then explains that the reason the girls are so upset with Camille is because she goes back and forth with how she feels about things. If she had stuck with one, consistent opinion of Lisa Vanderpump, among other things, they probably wouldn’t have been as angry.

Camille then says she doesn’t understand what Denise’s issue with her is. “I don’t know,” Andy said, “But you just said that you didn’t like her and she’s boring.” Camille then agrees. Clearly, Camille hasn’t had any life-changing epiphanies during her short cry-break.

Andy comes back to the stage as we see the crew running around carrying away tissues, water, and wine like a bunch of cockroaches scurrying about when you turn the light on. Andy tells the women that Camille was really hurt about everything they said about her wedding. Camille then awkwardly walks back on stage. “We’re glad you’re back,” Lisa Rinna says in a somewhat patronizing tone.

Camille is now crying even harder as she explains how hard it is for her to talk about the wedding because what they said hurt her so badly. Teddi says they had fun at the wedding, but they were “being shady” because they had just heard about all the terrible things Camille was saying behind their backs. As Teddi tries to explain herself and how hurtful it was that Camille continued to talk badly about her, Camille suddenly gets her biting attitude back. “I don’t remember, my life has been very dense the last few months, I’ve had a lot going on,” Camille says sharply. She claims that’s why she can’t remember everything that went on.

Kyle explains that because Camille seemed so happy to see them at the wedding and then talked about them behind their backs, they were all really confused by her. Andy doesn’t waste a second and goes in on Camille about her accusations about Dorit’s financial status she had made on the show. After Dorit’s Kitson party, Camille claimed the fashion designer’s husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, owed her good friend money in front of all the other housewives.

Camille then tells Dorit that what she said was “irresponsible” and that she was sorry. Dorit admits that she has a hard time believing what Camille says, which is a pretty fair assessment to make. Camille then confronts Denise about saying she should lie to her daughter. Denise explains that she didn’t say that and would never say something like that, but she apologizes anyway. Way to be the bigger person, Denise.

And as if we needed to rehash more ridiculousness that came out of Camille’s mouth this season, Andy brings up the fight Lisa Rinna had with Camille about Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s sexual assault case. Camille starts crying even more, and so Lisa tries to button it up by saying the good part about it was that they had the conversation. “I think it’s so important to believe victims,” says Lisa. The loud-mouthed housewife then tells Camille that she’s a survivor like her mom. It’s all a bit weird and somewhat phony but hey, what else would you expect at a Beverly Hills reunion?

The group then takes a moment to discuss the Woolsey Fires that took Camille’s home. We look back at the devastating footage and remember what an awful experience Camille had gone through. The group also touches on Denise’s scary experience with the fires. But when Andy confronts Camille about her comments about Denise being “lucky her rented house didn’t burn down,” the housewife didn’t really have much to say about it and didn’t seem sorry at all.

Lisa R. then moves over on the couch to hug Camille while she makes a blanket apology to everyone. They all clearly look unamused — they probably want to stop focusing on Camille and move on. Well, the viewers at home sure did!

After a quick commercial break, things begin to lighten up as they look back at the lavish vacations they took over the course of the season. They joke about the level of “diva” Kyle reached when she had a Rolex watch postmated to her during their dinner abroad. The ladies then talk about how much they have to spend before discussing purchases with their husbands. Dorit says anything “over $10,000” needs to be discussed with her husband first.

The women then begin to make everyone watching the show feel poorer than ever as they discuss large wedding budgets and $700-dollar shopping trips for one night of camping. Oh, and let’s not forget how we watched the women struggle through a week in Provence, France without their glam squads. Poor things.

As the reunion nears closer to the end, the topic finally moves onto doggy-gate and how manipulative Lisa V. is and has always been. We then see a recap that shows all the times the women discussed Lisa’s “lies” and the infamous scene where Lisa took the lie detector test. The women then discuss how they know Lisa’s test wasn’t conclusive since she was wearing bulky clothes. But Kyle reveals that the friend of her daughter’s who had seen Lisa taking the test actually saw a different session than the one showed on air. This means Lisa practiced taking the test before getting filmed. Just another manipulative move from the clever Lisa V.!

Naturally, the women start to discuss the Radar Online article about Dorit giving the dog to a shelter that they believed Lisa had leaked. They all agree (except for maybe the wish-washy Camille) that while Lisa may not have called in the story herself, someone from her camp did. Obviously, Lisa would never be stupid enough to call that thing in herself!

Lisa R. then explains that Lisa V. talks through the press. “It’s what she does!” the former soap actress says. She did, after all, quit the show through a press article. At that point, even Andy expresses that he didn’t appreciate that very much.

In the last segment of the reunion, we all get a little nostalgic watching a montage of Lisa and Kyle’s friendship over the many seasons of RHOBH. In the clip, we also see the arguments the two have had over the years, including when Lisa egged on a cheating rumor about Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky. The montage ends with a clip from the explosive fight the former best friends had in Lisa’s kitchen this season. Once the video ends, we see a choked up Kyle who looks truly saddened at what she just watched.

“I paid the ultimate price by being honest,” admits Kyle. “I thought about, you know, if I hadn’t gone to her house and told her and then she would’ve seen us sitting [at dinner].” Kyle is referring to the dinner where the housewives talked about how they felt Lisa was manipulating them, a discussion that ultimately convinced Kyle to confront the restaurant mogul. “It’s a sad end,” adds Dorit.

But is there a future for this hilarious duo? Kyle explains that when she saw Lisa at Neiman Marcus after the show had aired, she thought that she’d show up to the reunion.

Then Andy brings up the “Goodbye, Kyle” line that Ken Todd said which went viral online. This makes all the ladies laugh. And while Lisa had publicly said she was hurt by this, Kyle reveals that her sister Cathy was joking about it with Lisa herself and they were all laughing. Kyle points out that this was just another opportunity for Lisa to make her look bad.

The RHOBH Cast with Andy Cohen at Season 9 Reunion

Finally, we’ve reached the finish line! Camille leaves the group after giving a quick “goodbye” apology that sounds so phony, the girls don’t even crack a smile as she says it. The remaining six housewives share their last thoughts on the show and make a toast with tequila shots — hopefully, it was Casa Migos, you know, for Denise. And if you’ve managed to watch this whole drama-filled reunion, you deserve a tequila shot even more than these housewives do!

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