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Real Housewives of Potomac

The RHOP Recap: Ashley Slams Katie as Not “Mentally Strong” Enough to Handle Being in the Group

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Ashley Slams Katie as Not "Mentally Strong" Enough to Handle Being in the Group

The Housewives will never learn.  They continue to take these girls’ trips, and regardless of the franchise, or the destination, the castmates end up turning paradise into pure hell.

Half the time, they can’t even make it through the first day of the vacation before at least two of them are at each other’s throats.  More often than not, several of them already have beef before they even get on the plane.  So why don’t they just surrender their passports and stay home? Well, housewives+liquor+being stuck together for several days=drama, and last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac was certainly no exception.  There was plenty of baggage to unpack, so let’s dive right on in…

Robyn planned a trip to The Cayman Islands, and all of the ladies were game, except for Monique, who was too close to her due date to fly.  It would turn out that Monique was the lucky one.  You know the trip is going to be a disaster when even the host has an issue with one of the ladies.

You see, Robyn was still angry with Gizelle for causing that completely unnecessary and nasty little scene at her open house during last week’s episode.  She hadn’t yet confronted her bestie about her abhorrent behavior because she was still “expecting an apology” from Gizelle.  LOL!  She’s met Gizelle, right?  I haven’t, but I could tell Robyn that Gizelle genuinely taking responsibility for her messiness is just not going to happen.

But Robyn wasn’t the only one angry with Gizelle.  Karen was upset with The Green-Eyed Bandit, as well.  She was still feeling some type of way about the fact that Gizelle talked trash about her for spending time on Instagram Live chatting with fans, rather than going out with them during their last girls’ trip to New Orleans.  It was a seemingly small issue, but when it comes to the Grande Dame, there are no small issues.  It was clear from the start that she had no intention of letting it go.

As if that wasn’t enough tension, Ashley was angry with Katie for calling her stupid while discussing the Michael drama with Robyn and Gizelle, who of course went running to Ashley with the information the following day, while also leaving out all of the things she’d said about The Darby’s marriage—obviously.  Because of this, Ashley said she ‘wasn’t feeling’ Katie.  She felt Katie needed to “look at her own life” before passing judgment on anyone else’s.

It was going to be a rough one, to say the least, and chronically tardy Robyn was wise to miss the plane and most of the first day of the trip.  In her absence, Gizelle crowned herself the “Caribbean Queen.”  She attempted to take over the hostessing duties, but she was quickly demoted when Robyn called the ladies and asked Ashley to take the helm instead.  She also announced the room assignments, and everyone was fairly shocked to learn that she’d decided to room with Ashley and placed Gizelle with Karen.  Gizelle should have known then that Robyn was angry with her, but that would have required a self-awareness that Gizelle simply doesn’t possess.

As the ladies sat in the lobby, Karen decided to confront Gizelle right then and there.  She said that she had been thanking her fans for their condolences following the deaths of her parents when she’d been on Instagram.  But Gizelle immediately called BS and accused Karen of lying.  What followed was a cacophony of unintelligible insults and cursing reminiscent of the lobby brawl the two women had during the trip to France last year, and it all ended with the two women refusing to be roomies.  They hadn’t even gotten the key cards to the room yet!

Candiace tried to appeal to the two women as the “matriarchs” of the group.  She implored them to set a better example, but no such luck.  Karen told Gizelle that she had been “very violent and aggressive” toward her,” which may have been taking it a tad bit far.  She also said she simply “really couldn’t stand’ Gizelle’s ‘monkey a**.'”  With that, Gizelle went over to the front desk and requested a single room.  This was probably a wise choice, as it was beginning to seem like no one would be speaking to Gizelle by the time the trip was over.  Besides, Gizelle was hurt.  She said she’d been trying to “make changes” and be a “better person.”  She really wished that someone would notice, particularly Karen, who she said was “impossible” to be friends with.  It was a master class in deflection and hypocrisy.

After settling in, Ashley and Gizelle met on the beach, and Gizelle asked when Ashley was planning on confronting Katie.  Good grief—does Gizelle ever get enough?  Ashley said that she was “trying to play nice,” but she doubted that she’d be able to sit across the table from Katie at dinner and continue to hold her tongue.

In the meantime, Katie called Candiace.  Katie said she’d be stopping by her room on the way to meet the others for dinner, but in less than half an hour, she’d forgotten.  She didn’t think of it again until the ladies were on the beach watching the sunset, and Ashley said that Candiace was missing the gorgeous view.  Katie mentioned to the group that she’d told Candiace she was coming to her room, and when Karen jokingly asked if she’d lied, Ashley piped up and said, “it wouldn’t be the first time.”  She didn’t even make it to dinner, which had seemed a tad ambitious anyway.

Katie asked Ashley what she’d lied about, Ashley told her that she’d “talked a lot of s**t” about her lately, an assertion Katie dismissed as not only false, but “crazy,” as well.  Ashley went on to explain that Katie knew exactly what she meant.  She said that Katie’s boyfriend, Jacob, had said he thought Michael was gay, to which Katie responded, “so what?” After all, she reasoned, Michael being gay had nothing, whatsoever, to do with Ashley.  Ashley said it had everything to do with her because Michael was her husband.

Katie explained that she had a different perspective on the whole Michael drama because of what Jacob had told her about Michael’s oddly flirtatious behavior toward him.  She said she’d simply been sharing those thoughts with the others.  When Ashley brought up the fact that Katie called her stupid, Katie didn’t immediately fess up.

At that point, Gizelle piped up (of course) and told Katie that she really needed to own what she’d said.  Katie’s defense was that “everyone was saying stuff” about Ashley’s situation.  Ashley said she’d tried to be Katie’s friend, and that Katie had gone behind her back and told people that she’d said things that she hadn’t, like that she and Michael no longer owned their restaurant.  Katie said that Ashley had told her that the head chef had bought them out, but Ashley said that wasn’t true at all.  She’d only said that she was “taking a step back” and the head chef was taking a more active leadership role.  The restaurant still very much belonged to her and Michael, though.

At that point, Gizelle stepped in again (of course) to tell Katie that she might want to apologize for calling Ashley dumb.  This time Katie owned it and told Ashley, “you’re stupid and you’re dumb,” before turning to walk away.  As you can imagine, Ashley wasn’t having it, and she told Katie that she was the dumb one for having “an unemployed man” she’d “known for a month” living in her house.  She added that Katie needed to “fill the void in her heart, not the one between her legs.” Ouch!

Karen continued walking away, and muttered, “Oh, just because I’m not married to an 80-year-old,” to which Ashley responded, “B***h, you would if you could.” After that, Katie said she needed a new word besides dumb and stupid to describe Ashley, and Ashley accused her of ‘cowering’ at her farm to avoid adulthood.  Wow! This trip was turning into an epic disaster, and they hadn’t even gotten to their first dinner yet!

As they made their way to the restaurant, Candiace said she hoped everyone could pull it together before they got to their table.  Gizelle said that she was certainly a pot calling a kettle black by making a comment like that.  After all, her own dinner party antics had been far worse than an argument on the beach—no matter how loud it had gotten.  But Candiace pointed out that the whole knife-wielding scene had played itself out in the privacy of her own home, which, by RHOP standards, was actually a pretty valid point.

When they sat down, Gizelle apologized to Karen.  Karen accepted the apology, but she warned that her forgiveness didn’t mean she’d forget.  Satisfied, if not a little disappointed that more drama hadn’t ensued with Karen, Gizelle moved on to stir the pot a little more between Katie and Ashley.  She told Katie that Ashley didn’t open up to many people and that she was simply hurt because she felt Katie had betrayed her trust.

Katie said she didn’t see what the problem was, as she hadn’t been the one who said Michael was gay.  Everyone else had, and besides, it was nothing new.  Ashley explained that Katie had talked behind her back, and therefore, wasn’t her friend.  Katie said she didn’t think Ashley knew who her friends were and doubted she actually had any—another valid point.  Then she added that “this right here,” indicating Ashley’s whole demeanor was the reason she “didn’t hang out with women.”

Ashley continued to try to explain that her real issue with Katie was the fact that she’d talked behind her back, but Katie said that just because Ashley hadn’t been there didn’t mean she’d been talking behind her back.  Has anyone ever said anything so outrageously ridiculous that all you could do was laugh? Well, that was pretty much Ashley’s reaction, and the fight ended immediately.  Okay, well, it didn’t really end—it simply paused.

The ladies headed back to the hotel, where they found Robyn waiting for them in the lobby.  She suggested they all go up to her and Ashley’s room for a nightcap before turning in.  Everyone was finally calm, and Robyn handed out cards that she’d made for the ladies to thank them for coming on the trip.  When Katie opened hers, she had trouble deciphering Robyn’s handwriting.  Ashley said she’d had no problem reading her card, and that Katie’s must have been a hastily thrown together afterthought.  Omg—can these ladies ever just give it a rest!

Katie, clearly a bit tipsy at this point, looked right at Ashley and said, “I’m sorry I said you were dumb; maybe I meant you were stupid.”  Ashley was shocked, and Robyn, unaware of the previous drama between the two simply burst out laughing, while the others looked on waiting for the fallout.  Katie also began giggling, and Ashley told her that she wasn’t funny with her “horrible toupee.”  Robyn asked why they were all still talking about the Michael situation, and Katie jumped up and said yes, this proved her point.  Everyone else had been doing the talking, not her.

Ashley said the fact that Katie would exploit her in a vulnerable moment showed who she was “at the core of her character.”  Katie said exploiting people in their vulnerable moments was what everyone was doing all the time.  Ashley just looked at her and told her she wasn’t “mentally strong enough to be in this group of women.”  This time Katie didn’t argue.  She said Ashley was right, that she probably wasn’t strong enough because she was in a more vulnerable and “f***ed up” situation than Ashley was.  But if Ashley didn’t want to be friends with her because of that, “f**k her.”

See, viewers, I warned you—it was a lot! And we still haven’t gotten through the first day.  The RHOP trip continues next week. Stay tuned!



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