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Southern Charm

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Slams ‘Unclassy’ Madison LeCroy and Talks Bringing Girls From Austen’s Video to Party, Plus Austen Calls Him an ‘A-Hole’

Southern Charm's Shep Rose Says It's Impossible for Madison LeCroy to be a "Classy Person," and Talks Bringing Girls From Austen's Video to Party, Plus Austen Calls Him an 'A-Hole'

Southern Charm star Shep Rose is speaking out on why he brought the women from Austen Kroll‘s infamous video to Patricia Altschul‘s party in last week’s finale episode. The rest of the cast is also reflecting on Shep’s major party foul.

It’s almost as if Shep, 39, goes out of his way to offend his costars on Southern Charm! And this time, his pettiness was aimed right at fellow cast member Austen and his on-and-off again girlfriend Madison LeCroy.

During the finale episode of season six, Shep and his costar Craig Conover rolled into Miss Patricia’s party alongside the two girls from Austen’s viral video. And not surprisingly, the party move made quite a splash.

“What a f***ing a**hole,” Austen said on Bravo‘s After Show regarding Shep’s decision to bring his controversial date. “It was [Shep’s] way of like, ‘Hey, let’s point the arrow — yes — point the arrow back at Austen. Let’s not forget, Austen had a threesome!'”

“It was a slap in the face,” added Austen.

Shep also reflected on the party on the After Show. He said he had a “history” with his date, Chelsea. The reality star also defended his decision to bring the girl to the party. “It was petty but it was sort of appropriate,” Shep admitted. “I thought it would be funny.”

Turns out, Shep and Craig were the only ones laughing. Southern Charm star Danni Baird also weighed in on the situation and said that Shep and Craig bringing these girls on their arms sent a clear message to Austen and Madison. “[Shep and Craig are] basically trying to say that their relationship is a joke.”

“But I think there was also a part of Shep that wanted to get back at [Madison] for crazy things that she had said and he had no qualms doing it,” Danni explained further.

On the After Show, Austen admitted that Shep used Craig as a “pawn” to get back at him and Madison by making him bring one of the girls from the threesome to the soiree.

Even though what Shep did may have been petty and out of line, he doesn’t feel a need to apologize. The reality star even admitted that his “apology” to Madison during the party wasn’t real.

“I don’t apologize for that at all,” Shep said. “I did to [Madison] but I didn’t mean it.”

Shep then revealed that after he apologized to Madison in what seemed to be an honest, heart-to-heart conversation, he heard the blonde Bravo star mutter something under her breath.

“She said some s*** under her breath, like ‘f*** you’ and I go, ‘What’d you just say?'” Shep recalled. “I go, ‘You can’t f***ing leave well enough alone!'”

The peeved reality star then went on to say that it’s impossible for Madison to be a “classy person.”

“[Madison] proved what I called her the whole time, and that just goes to tell you, always trust your instinct, especially about first impressions,” Shep added.

Find out what else the cast has to say about the finale episode in the Southern Charm season 6 reunion that starts Wednesday, August 21st at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Startraksphoto, Instagram


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