RHOC Star Emily Simpson Opens Up About Husband Shane Simpson Failing the Bar Exam, Explains Why the Timing Was “Horrible”

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RHOC Star Emily Simpson Opens Up About Husband Shane Simpson Failing the Bar Exam, Explains Why the Timing Was "Horrible"

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson is finally opening up about her husband Shane Simpson failing the bar exam earlier this year.

While fans are expected to learn the results of Shane’s test, which he has failed on a few different occasions, during an upcoming episode of the 14th season of the RHOC, Emily recently confirmed the results.

“Uh, no. He did not,” Emily told TooFab when asked if husband Shane has passed the bar exam.

While news of Shane’s test results first hit the web earlier this month, Emily said she initially didn’t want to confirm the news and spoil the upcoming storyline on RHOC. That said, when Shane’s name wasn’t on the list of those who passed the bar exam in the State Bar of California’s records, it was clear that Shane had not passed. As we previously reported, Shane was included in the 68.6 percent of test-takers who failed.

“I’ll tell you the timing of it was really horrible,” she went on. “He took the bar in February, right when we started filming, and he got his results on the day we filmed the finale. The timing was awful. It was horrible.”

Although Shane took the bar exam again just five months later, in July 2019, the results for his latest test will not be shared until November.

“With the way my life works, I’m sure it’ll be the day of the reunion!” Emily joked.

As fans of RHOC have seen, Emily and Shane’s marriage appeared to be negatively impacted by his efforts to pass the exam. Throughout season 14, his attitude was “cold” and “dismissive.” In fact, Shane’s behavior was so offensive to Emily that she’s been unable to watch the show.

“It almost makes me nauseous,” she told TooFab during a previous interview. “It’s not easy. So sometimes it’s just easier for me to just separate myself from it completely. It’s hard, it really is… It was just much more personal because it’s such a bird’s-eye view into our life and marriage, and sometimes, you just don’t wanna relive that.”

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