Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Appears to Use ‘Hallucinogenic Drugs’ in Shocking Video Amid Custody Battle With Kathryn Dennis

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Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Appears to Use 'Hallucinogenic Drugs' in Shocking Video Amid Custody Battle With Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel appears to have taken hallucinogenic drugs at a party thrown at his Charleston, South Carolina home.

As his custody battle with Kathryn Dennis over five-year-old Kensington and three-year-old Saint Julien rages on, the former Southern Charm cast member, who was let go from the series last year after being accused of sexual assault by two women, has been targeted with new evidence of potential drug use and poor parenting.

On September 23, the Daily Mail shared a series of video clips, posted below, taken of Thomas that were recently submitted to the court by Kathryn. One of the videos featured the father of two attempting to convince a woman to take magic mushrooms with him.

“I wouldn’t want to do it. I don’t want to hallucinate,” the woman said, warning Thomas that he would “geek out.”

“It’s just mushrooms,” Thomas replied.

While the footage was undated, it featured a song in the background that was released in late 2015.

“You can heard (sic) Thomas’ voice and there is a quick camera glance at him and you can hear Thomas talking about how mushrooms don’t show up on drug screens,” Kathryn wrote in her documents.

In another video taken of Thomas, 57, which he allegedly sent to Kathryn, 28, himself, he appears to be intoxicated as he slurs words while calling his son by his daughter’s name.

“Thomas has a drinking problem. He has violated the restraint against becoming impaired from alcohol when he has the children for parenting time. Inexplicably – Thomas just sent me a video of Saint watching some old cartoons on television with him sitting in his chair…(you can see Thomas’ feet and Saint sitting close to the TV). In a slurred voice, he states, ‘Remember this Kensie’ – to our son, Saint.”

As part of the custody agreement that is currently in place, Thomas and Kathryn have both been ordered to abstain from alcohol and drugs while caring for their kids and are required to submit to mandatory drug tests.

In addition to the footage, Kathryn accused Thomas, who is the primary custodian of their kids, of erratic, violent, and degrading behavior. She said that on one occasion, he m**turbated on her back as she slept after watching muscleman p*rn. As she explained, Thomas allegedly did so because “he was mad at me for rejecting his advances for sex (because I was exhausted and pregnant).”

Kathryn also revealed several other incidents she would “like to forget.”

“The time that we had a pool party and Thomas was so drunk while holding Kensie that he fell into the pool with her as a baby and I had to jump in to grab Kensie: the Christmas where Thomas flew into a range (sic) and threw the Christmas tree that I had decorated across the room; …the time he put my fake fur coat in a tub full of water…the time he threw a lamp at me and glass shattered everywhere; and the time he threw an astray (sic) in my face,” she continued.

Kathryn filed for full custody of her children last year after Thomas was arrested on charges related to an alleged sexual assault.

Photos Credit:  Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/, Paul Cheney/Bravo