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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Reacts to Infidelity Claims Made on RHONJ Trailer, Plus Why Joe Giudice is ‘Angry’ and ‘Hopeless’ Amid His Deportation Appeal

Teresa Giudice Reacts to Infidelity Claims Made on RHONJ Trailer, Plus Why Joe Giudice is 'Angry' and 'Hopeless' Amid His Deportation Appeal

Days after Bravo dropped the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 trailer which featured infidelity rumors about Teresa Giudice, the reality star is speaking out as a new report is also revealing that Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice has lost hope when it comes to his deportation appeal.

Following months of rumors of cheating, which intensified after photos of Teresa with a younger man made its way online earlier this year, the best-selling author is reacting to the claims as she also reveals how her daughters are coping with Joe’s legal drama and ICE detention.

“It’s a tough time right now, so just being with my daughters [helps],” said Teresa to ET Online. “My daughters are doing well. We’re hanging in there.”

She added, “They are doing good, thank God. They are pretty amazing… I guess they get it from their mommy.”

As for Teresa herself, she said she is also “doing good,” and when it comes to claims that she’s been stepping out on husband Joe, Teresa brushed it off.

“You’re gonna have to watch season 10,” she teased before addressing some of her RHONJ co-stars bringing up the rumors on the new season. “I’m used to it. That’s what happens when you’re on TV. It’s a double-edged sword.”

As for Joe, who recently filed court papers asking a judge to send him to Italy while he awaits a ruling from the Third Circuit Court on his deportation appeal, a new report is revealing that Joe has grown more “bitter” and “angry” in recent months due to the horrible conditions at his ICE detention center. Even more, the father of four has reportedly lost all hope that he will get to live with his family again on American soil.

“These past few months in ICE [custody] have been harder for Joe than prison was. The conditions there are terrible,” a source tells PEOPLE magazine. “He’s so close to freedom, yet so far away. Not being able to see his family, and knowing that he won’t be able to be back home with them, has really broken him.”

“He’s fighting, but he’s really resigned to the fact that he’ll be deported,” added the source. “And losing that hope has left him bitter, angry, and unhappy. He’s a shell of who he used to be.”

And despite arguments between Joe and Teresa in the past few months, one of which is previewed in the RHONJ season 10 trailer, the source insists that “Teresa doesn’t want Joe to get deported.”

“She wants him to come home for their family. She loves Joe and it hurts her to see how he is being treated,” the source continued.

The new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on November 6.

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