Porsha Williams Reveals She’s Postponed Wedding After Cheating Allegations Involving Dennis McKinley, Gives Relationship Update as Fiance’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out Plus RHOA Live Viewing Thread!

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Porsha Williams Reveals She's Postponed Wedding After Cheating Allegations Involving Dennis McKinley, Gives Relationship Update as Fiance's Alleged Mistress Speaks Out Plus RHOA Live Viewing Thread!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is being candid about her relationship with boyfriend Dennis McKinley after their public breakup and reconciliation following cheating allegations. She is also admitting she has postponed their wedding as Dennis’ alleged mistress Sincerely Ward talks about her upcoming scene on the show.

Unlike some of her RHOA costars, Porsha has always laid everything out on the table, including her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Dennis. The couple, who became parents earlier this year, have gone through some tumultuous ups and downs in their relationship, including rumors of an alleged affair. But even so, the outspoken Bravo star is remaining an open book.

In an interview with Essence, Porsha admitted for the first time that she and Dennis will no longer be getting married on New Year’s Eve as originally planned.

“We’ve moved the wedding date back but we haven’t announced it yet,” shared Porsha. “We needed more time. Dennis and I had a true bump in the road and we’re trying to make sure our foundation is strong. We both want to be married forever, so we’re doing the work.”

Porsha also touched on the cheating claims which will be a major storyline on RHOA’s 12th season.

“Regardless of what I’m going through, no matter how much you wanna go into a corner and shut the door, you know, this is what I signed up for, is to have my life being shown on the show,” Porsha dished in an interview with ET just days before the premiere of RHOA season 12.

As the new mom goes on “a journey called life,” as she calls it, she’s okay with the fact that many viewers are coming along for the ride.

“I mean. It’s real life, like, I’m really going through a very real situation, and finding my way through it, and finding my happy and what that means for my family at the end of the story,” Porsha added.

As fans can remember, just after Porsha gave birth to her first child, Pilar, she and Dennis split amid rumors that he was being unfaithful. It was suspected that the business owner was having an affair with WAGS Atlanta star Sincerely, as was revealed by a gossip vlogger known as Tasha K. To this day, Dennis continues to deny the claim.

So is there actually any truth to this?

According to a first-look clip of the upcoming new season, cast members Kandi Burruss, Eva Marcille, and Cynthia Bailey come face-to-face with the alleged mistress at Kandi’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang. In the clip, Kandi gets a drink sent over from a woman sitting at the bar who then walks over to the table — and you guessed it, it’s Sincerely.

While the preview clip, posted below, ends before Sincerely can clear up whether or not she’s seeing Dennis, she is addressing the mistress allegations in a new interview.

“People who know me really know the truth,” the WAGS Atlanta star explained to ET. “Once you see the episode on Sunday, I really feel like, everybody will see the truth of what’s really real. So, that’s really all I have to say about it. After that, I’m not going to respond to it or talk about it anymore.”

Sincerely stated that her encounter with Kandi and the other housewives at Old Lady Gang was a chance meeting, adding that she saw it as an opportunity to “clear her name.”

“At the same time, people can think whatever, say whatever. When you see the episode, everything will make sense, and I feel really confident about that,” Sincerely added. “I’m really focused on my career and my family…That’s what consumes me, not the foolishness.”

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