RHOD’s Kary Brittingham Feuds With LeeAnne Locken’s Wedding Planner After He Implies She Drank Too Much at Reception, LeeAnne Weighs In

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RHOD Star Kary Brittingham Feuds With LeeAnne Locken's Wedding Planner After He Implies She Drank Too Much at Reception, LeeAnne Weighs In

Kary Brittingham is still not happy about the lack of food that was presented at LeeAnne Locken and Rich Emberlin‘s wedding, especially after being called out for having too much to drink by the couple’s wedding planner, Steve Kemble.

After Steve shared a post in which the Real Housewives of Dallas newbie was seen admitting to missing the cupcake display at LeeAnne and Rich’s reception and suggested she didn’t see it because she had consumed a lot of alcohol, Kary fired back at Steve by slamming him as a “fake” and accusing him of trying to get his “five minutes of fame” by feuding with her on Twitter.

“How does someone miss 650 cupcakes from [Sprinkles]!?” Steve asked, along with a screenshot of a comment Kary had left on his Instagram page months ago. “[LeeAnne Locken] & [Rich Emberlin]’s Wedding Reception! Maybe way too MUCH [alcohol]. This was on my Instagram the day after the Wedding!”

RHOD Leeanne wedding planner Steve Kemble feuds with Kary

After Steve shared the screenshot, Kary said she doesn’t consider cupcakes to be food before insisting she was not drunk at LeeAnne and Rich’s Dallas wedding.

“I don’t consider cupcakes food! And Steve you know I was not drunk and I will prove you wrong!” she tweeted.

While Steve was attempting to prove that there was plenty to eat at the reception, one fan suggested he was being “messy” with his comments to Kary.

“Yeah, Steve, this is kinda messy of you,” the fan said. “You’re saying she was too drunk to know what she was seeing? The food was outted by many as being thin and folks were hungry. While that is not your fault, no need to make Kary the badd guy for calling it out. Not cool, babe.”

And Kary agreed.

“He wants to make his 5 minutes of fame… whatever the guy that kissed my a** last weekend at a party wanting to take me to lunch!!!!!! Hate fake people,” she replied.

Kary then accused Steve of being the “biggest fake” and threatened to “go Mexican” on him before being blocked.

In another tweet, Kary responded to a fan who wondered why she was feuding with Steve at all.

“I actually don’t really care what the wanna be wedding planner says! I speak the truth and if he thinks ham and cheese is food….. well I don’t!!!!!” Kary explained.

The day after Kary and Steve’s Twitter feud erupted, LeeAnne fueled Steve’s claim about Kary being too intoxicated to find the food at her wedding reception.

“We paid for plenty of food had she stepped away from the bar…,” LeeAnne tweeted.

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