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Lala Kent Throws Shade at New Vanderpump Rules Stars After Fan Requests More Airtime for the OGs and Tells Bravo to ‘Get it Together’

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Lashes Out at Instagram Troll, Reminds Her Audience That It's Her Job to Entertain and Contacts Police After Threat

Lala Kent Throws Shade at New Vanderpump Rules Stars as Fan Requests More Airtime for the OGs and Tells Bravo to 'Get it Together'

Jax Taylor isn’t the only one who doesn’t like the new members of the Vanderpump Rules cast.

After Tuesday night’s new episode of season eight, Lala Kent took to her Instagram Stories, where she reposted a message from a fan. The fan slammed the new stars of the show and then requested more airtime for the OGs, including Lala, Stassi Schroeder, Beau Clark, and Brittany Cartwright. Plus, the fan also took aim at Bravo.

“I am disappointed in this season of [Vanderpump Rules]. How are we halfway into an episode before I see Stassi, Beau, Brittany and Lala??” the fan asked. “I am not feeling the new crowd and need to see more of these OGs. Get it together Bravo.”

Lala Kent Shades New Vanderpump Rules Cast With Instagram Post

Lala previously threw some shade at the Pump Rules newbies, including Dayna Kathan, Max Boyens, Brett Caprioni, Charli Burnett, and Danica Dow, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in November of last year. At the time, after Kristen Doute suggested the new group fits in with the rest of the cast because they’re all good-looking, Lala made it clear she was not impressed.

“I don’t think they’re all that hot. Some haven’t discovered Botox yet!” she joked.

Months prior, Jax took aim at his new co-stars as well, telling Hollywood Life they are “extremely young,” “very naive,” and “a little thirsty.”

More recently, Lala and Jax targeted Charli on Instagram after she claimed on the show that she never eats pasta because she thinks it makes people fat.

In a screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo on Instagram, Jax suggested Charli was “full of [sh*t]” before Lala slammed her as a “f**king moron.”

Jax Taylor and Lala Kent Slam Charli Burnett for Pasta Comment

Vanderpump Rules season eight airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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  1. I am beyond sick of having Stassi and Beau shoved in our faces all the time. He is a loser, a weak cowardly mooch living off a desperate for a man psycho Stassi.

  2. I think this needs to be the final season. I can’t stand any of the new people and there is nothing left to see with the old cast.

    1. Also, ppl actually want to see MORE of VPR’s newest thirsty, mooch freeloader Beau?? Who are these people?! 🙎‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  3. 1. Lala is a whore.
    2. She claims to be a great “pro-woman warrior” but then trashes the newbies who are getting more attention than her at this moment.
    3. That makes Lala a hypocritical whore.

  4. I’m willing to give the newbies a chance. they can’t be any more cringe worthy than the old timers were when they were new.

  5. Lala needs to loosen her headband. Wasn’t that long ago, she was a newbie. And when all the old cast decides they are too special to actually work in one of LVP’s restaurants, they’re just asking to be replaced. ByeBye.

  6. What happened to Beau ? He was sexy for 3 minutes then went downhill fast . The perils of dating Stassi I guess 😂
    As for LaLa the human Dyson , I say STFU already but I will agree the newbies are atrocious . I stopped watching after the second episode this season

    1. Same but I was done after the first episode. VPR has turned into one of the worst shows on Bravo and that’s saying a lot !!

  7. That lip plumping thing has got to STOP! Just because a little bit of enhancement looks good, doesn’t mean a LOT looks better. ALL the DBT females, NJ Teresa, VPR LaLa to name a few. Nothing natural looking about it. Looks like the wax clown lips from when I was a kid.

  8. I love this show. I didn’t like any of the original cast when the show first started either. I do like Dayna though. And her relationship with Max should prove interesting. I am over Jax and Brittney. Waaaaaay over them. Still like Tom Tom but am bored with Sdrienne and Katie. And Stassi has reached her expiration date along with Scheana. Need more James and other young newbies. If the show doesn’t want to let go of the OG’s then they should do a spin off. Vanderpump Rules – Adulting series. “If” you can call it that. But they def need to add some new young couples starting their lives in suburbia to the mix.

  9. Scheana “singing” on that bar. Do we have a responsibility to intervene? Insist she get some help? Or do we just sit back and laugh, rewind, laugh. And the inhaler back by the propane tank. Can’t make it up, couldn’t write it if you tried.

  10. Hey LaLa, get your producer BF create your own show if you don’t like this one. Nobody’s forcing you to renew contracts every year.

    BTW….. This is LVP’s rodeo. Give LaLa the much needed comeuppance and FIRE HER! I really don’t not give a crap how somebody meets their intended, but don’t pretend like it was at a church social.

  11. Lala is a dumpster fire. She is a walking stereotype. A young pretty girl leaves town for the bright lights, changes her name, fails as an actress, sucks a lot of d!ck until she finds a d list producer dumb enough to dump his wife and kids for her.
    She doesn’t get that she is disposable, much like the ex wife and will end up in the trash heap of washed up homewreckers.

  12. Considering the idiotic and downright ignorant things both Lala and Jax have said over the years, even these newbies will have a hard time stooping low enough to attain those levels. (And this is with two known racists, so the newbies are below basement level already.) Both Lala and Jax have shown themselves to be for sale when it’s convenient. They have no moral high ground anywhere, any time, on any subject.

  13. Anyone watch “Power”, the series produced by Rand and Fofty? I’m embarrased to say that I watched the whole cringe fest cuz my momma didn’t raise a quitter. It is borderline porn with really bad acting. And, “Gotti” was a shit show. When will porn lips get a starring role in one of her man’s next tragedy of a show? HMMM.
    BlaBla needs to take several seats (take some of the strain off her knees) and go back to rimming the chinless wonder. She won’t be young and able forever! There’s always another bozette waiting in the wings.

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