RHONJ Star Margaret Josephs Reveals if Production Set Up Teresa Giudice’s Involvement in Hair Pulling Drama, Accuses Danielle of Constantly Getting Teresa Drunk

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RHONJ Star Margaret Josephs Reveals if Production Set Up Teresa Giudice's Involvement in Hair Pulling Drama, Accuses Danielle of Constantly Teresa Drunk

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs is shedding some light on what went down behind the scenes regarding Teresa Giudice‘s involvement in the hair pulling drama of this season.

During the shocking RHONJ season 10 finale, Teresa was confronted by her co-stars after Danielle Staub came clean on the fact that Teresa encouraged her to pull Margaret’s hair during a cast outing. Producers then aired footage in which Teresa can be seen telling Danielle to “do it.”

Following the revelation, Teresa was upset at producers and ended up flipping off the camera and throwing her drink. However, in a new podcast interview, Margaret is denying the producers set Teresa up or encouraged Danielle to expose Teresa’s involvement.

“I had no idea. None of us had any idea — not even production. It was not a setup,” said Margaret while appearing on the Grants Rants Hollywood Talk podcast on March 4.

In fact, Margaret shares that producers had no idea the footage of Teresa telling Danielle to “do it” even existed until Danielle mentioned it.

“It was a very authentic moment when Danielle revealed that the only people who knew about it at that moment were Danielle, Steven Dann, and Teresa,” she shared. “Production hadn’t even looked at the tapes at that point so Melissa was in shock – it was very crazy. So when Melissa came back and told us, you saw all our mouths.”

Margaret shared how the audio person in production “knew [Danielle and Teresa] were saying something” at the boutique while they were whispering behind her back, but that for the most part, production “weren’t sure what was happening at the time.”

“You know, they don’t review the footage right when it happens,” Margaret explained. “It’s when they go to edit the episodes. They weren’t even up to it. We were still in filming season.”

The “caviar on a tuna fish budget” entrepreneur continued with her thoughts on how bad an influence Danielle is on Teresa, saying how she negatively influences her to drink excessively and make bad decisions:

“Danielle is crazy,” she claimed. “Teresa I really like, but what happens is Danielle made sure she was drunk all the time whenever they were together. She kept giving her alcohol, and unfortunately Teresa doesn’t think very clearly when she’s drunk.”

The ladies haven’t yet touched on the debacle in the reunion, but we surely have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes when Danielle is set to make an appearance. Part two of the RHONJ reunion airs next Wednesday at 8/7c.

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